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    In this world of rapidly written short messages that we now use to communicate, it is very easy to use a few words carelessly and give a wrong impression. This tool is a perfect way of checking you are creating the sentiment that you intend.

    • Steve Barlow
    • Cambridge Entrepreneur and Impulse Programme Mentor
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    I found the system remarkably simple to use, and beautifully effective and helpful. I always try to make my writing warm and positive, but it showed me areas where I could be more engaging and empathetic, and that has helped my work hit just the right note.

    • Simon Hall
    • Director, Creative Warehouse, complete communication consultancy ~ Tutor, University of Cambridge ~ Columnist, Business Digest Magazine ~ Author ~ Business and communication coach, mentor & trainer
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    I have had the privilege of using the beta version of Citispotter's AI powered Content Assistant over the last few weeks. My initial impression is that they have stuck a goldmine with this wonderful utilitarian tool. In a world where we are sending out much more content on a daily basis, one unintentional bad piece can ruin reputations or create angst among the stakeholders. This tool eliminates the probability of misrepresentation of published content as you are able to have a second opinion on the emotion and tonality of the same. A must have tool for anyone who needs to communicate with external and internal stakeholders constantly.

    • Anil S Nair
    • Investor, Mentor & Corporate Advisor
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    Citispotter’s product is invaluable and the team are executing it with great efficiency, innovation and effectiveness.

    • Alpesh Patel OBE
    • DEALMAKER, Global Entrepreneur Programme, Department for International Trade, UK
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    Communication is the lifeblood of our daily routines, sharing our thoughts, ideas and emotions with the work colleagues and friends. Citispotter’s content assistant is a great tool, making you aware of your written communication styles and improve your skills effectively. It is fascinating, enjoyable and very useful!

    • Yupar Myint
    • Head of Entrepreneurship at Maxwell Centre, University of Cambridge

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