Top 20 Most Beautiful Women Of 2016

Here are the world’s most beautiful women as per current ranking of 2016

Beautiful Women

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It is a self evident fact that beauty adds to aesthetic value of a person. Everyone admires the one who is good-looking and have good physique. Today, lots of beauty products are available that claims to make you fairer in few days, some claims to make you slim that too in short time. There is another meaning of beauty; anything that pleases the senses is said to posses’ beauty. There are lots of women in this world who are highly appreciated for their beauty. Beauty not only redefines your physical appearance but also enhances the confidence level within. It makes you feel confident at every phase of the life, being it an interview, an audition, stage performance, public speaking, conversation with a stranger or a fashion show. Beauty is something that catches attention of millions. It thus makes a person’s presence noticeable.

So, we bring world’s most beautiful women as per current ranking 2016 for you to know what beauty means:

1. Nina Dobrev

Most of us might be wondering about the beauty of Vampire Diaries, leading actress Nina Dobrev. She‘s a Bulgaria born actress and ranked 1 in terms of beauty this year.

vampire diaries, actress


2. Amber Heard

Remember the leading actress of sports drama, Friday Night Lights. Amber Head is ranked 2 this year.

sports drama, leading


3. Penelope Cruz

This Spanish model made her debut in the films at a young age of 16. This year she’s ranked 3.

: young, actress


4. Kate Upton

This American model is admired her alluring looks in a swim suit. She’s ranked 4 this year.

alluring, looks


5. Anne Hathaway

Remember the leading actress of the show, “Once upon a Mattress” who caught attention of millions. Anne is ranked 5 this year.

attention, leading actress


6. Candice Swanepoel

This 27 years old South African model is known to be leading model in Victoria’s Secret. She’s ranked 6 this year!

South African model, popular


7. Olivia Wilde

Remember the character Dr. Remy from TV series House. Olivia is ranked 7 this year!

Olivia, character


8. Nicola Peltz

This 21 years old American actress drew attention from the 2010 biggest Hollywood hits, The Last Airbender is ranked 8 this year. Have a look!

hit, Hollywood


9. Jessica Alba

This American model is the co-founder of one of the consumer goods companies, Honest Companies. She ranked 9th this year.

co-founder, actress


10. Melissa Benoist

This Supergirl is ranked 10 this year. Besides acting and modeling she’s good at singing too.

Supergirl, acting


11. Ariana Grande

This 23 years old American actress and singer have improved her rank from the last year. This year she’s ranked 11.

singer, actress


12. Vanessa Ray

Remember “Pretty Little Liars” leading actress, Vanessa Ray. She ranked 12 this year.

Pretty little liars, leading


13. Sandra Bullock

This American actress since her debut into acting from 1987 has impressed everyone with the admiring looks. She’s ranked 13 this year.

looks, impressing


14. Charlotte McKinney

This American model is best known for her curvier body figure. She ranked 14 this year.

curvy body, figure


15. Angelina Jolie

Besides acting and film-making this American actress is well known for her social work. She ranked 15 this year.

filmmaking, social work


16. Bryana Holly

This 22 years old actress was raised in California; later she made her debut into Hollywood and impressed all with her beauty.

Hollywood, beauty


17. Demi Rose Mawby

This British model besides modeling is very active over the social networking. She has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram. This year, she ranked 17.

British model, social networking


18. Melanie Iglesias

This model made her debut into the World’s Most Beautiful Women magazine in 2010. This year, she ranked 18.

debut, beautiful


19. Halston Sage

This 23 years old American model made her debut into TV industry from the TV show, How to Rock. This year, she ranked 19.

How to rock, Actress


20. Shay Mitchell

Besides acting this Canadian model is good at entrepreneurship and literature too. She ranked 20 this year.

Actor, model, entrepreneur



Thus, anything that pleases the senses and mind is said to possess beauty. Beauty not only adds to the physical appearance but also adds to the aesthetic value of a person.

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