Why People Dip Biscuit In The Tea Before Eating It?

Understanding what is the culture with tea and biscuit.




Tea is a universal drink and biscuit is a go to snack. The biscuit and tea makes refreshing combination for snacks. This is a pairing made in an eating heaven. Both are incomplete without each other. It’s like bread and jam or beer and ‘chana’. You can’t enjoy your tea without biscuits.

Some people say that it is uncivilized to eat biscuits in such fashion but they all admit it is amazing experience to dip biscuit while drinking tea once they try it. While others who can barely drink tea without a cookie  that there is no match with this combination.

The first thing you do before drinking tea is grab that ‘dabba’ of biscuit from the kitchen.

So lets find out the reasons why people do it.

1. It is a well known tradition in the UK. It is pretty much popular in everywhere.

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2. It came into India from the UK during colonisation. Like UK, it us popular here too.

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3. The tradition dates back to 16th century. It originated in the UK.

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4. It was originated because biscuits were baked well in advance for the naval officers. They were hard to bite.

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5. It was almost impossible to eat them without making them wet.

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6. Rich hot tea was used to soften the biscuit. This was a reason to do it.

#biscuit #soft


7. This led to beginning of this trend. People continued doing the since then.

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8. The biscuits taste even better when dunked in tea. This is why it still exists.

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9. It is better than a melted chocolate bar on your tongue, or a hard cookie. Everyone loves it.

#melt #tongue #cookie


10. It is more flavourful. This leads to dunking becoming favourable.

#favourable #flavourful


11. It had become a habit too. Once you do it, you can’t stop.

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12. Once you try it you’ll get to know that this is the easiest and the best way to eat biscuit.

#try #easy #best



The conclusion  is “Dunking is better than not dunking”. So go for it unhesitatingly.