Why Only Dog Is Most Trusted Friend Of Human?

It is thus one of the best pet one can have. Let’s have a look at top reasons for that.

Top reasons!

Dog is one of the best pets one can have. Besides being cute, it is known for the quality of being loyal in the entire animal kingdom. Another thing that makes it an amazing creature is that it is a friendly creature and is as active as a gazelle. A well trained dog is good enough to tackle toughest task with ease. They have amazing sniffing capacity that is very useful for security forces to detect bombs, hidden mines, weapons and sometimes even catches the culprit. A dog besides being loyal and friendly, it is watchful and gives an early warning regarding any danger that might creep in. There are lots more things that make it the most trusted friend of human like it will never cheat you and will always accompany whatever the situation may be.

It is one of the best pet one can have. Look reasons for it:

1. Loyal!

A dog is known for its quality of being loyal in the entire animal kingdom. It will never trick or bluff its owner.

loyal, never-bluff


2. Friendly!

Another thing that makes a dog one of the best pets one could have is the act of being affable to human. Dogs are very friendly to human.

friendly, affable


3. Watchful

Dogs are very watchful they take notice of every activity that see in its surroundings. Thus, it is having an amazing vision.

watchful, alert


4. Best buddy!

Studies have shown that dogs are the best buddies one can have.

buddy, pet


5. Genius!

A well trained dog is capable enough to take over the toughest task with ease. It has an amazing learning capacity.

genius, learn


6. Friend in odd times!

It is well said that “a true friend is the one who remains with you in your odd time”. A dog is the one who will remain at your side even in your odd phase of life.

true, friend


7. Easy-going!

One might always dream of a friend who accompanies him wherever he goes! Then have a dog as pet because it is an easy-going animal.

easy-going, dream


8. Savior

A dog is known for its courage! For instance, in 9/11 attacks a dog saved 31 lives by helping them to find a way out of the twin towers.

savior, courage


9. Indefatigable

Another thing about dogs is that it is an energetic creature! It can accompany you long without being tired.

energetic, active


10. Cute

A dog is one of the cutest pets one can have! There are hundreds of breeds of dog that are very cute.

cute, breed


11. Adaptability

Another amazing thing to know about dogs is that they are adaptable to the most complicated situations. That makes it an on-going buddy.

adaptability, amaze


12. Cognizant

Another thing that makes a dog best buddy of human race is that a dog is good at following human gesture! That makes it a smart pet.

cognizant, gesture


13. Sniffer

A dog has an amazing sniffing capacity! It is one of the most prominent members of security forces!

sniffer, security


14. Lively

Studies have shown that those who spend at least 30 minutes with their pets leads a stress-free life. Bring a pet home and see the results.

lively, awake


15. Lovable

It’s an old saying that “Love can turn your enemies to friends”, dog is one of those creatures that will love you inspite of being ignored.

lovable, friend



Dogs are one of the best pets one can have. They are loyal, watchful, lively, brave, lovely and cute. Thus, bring home a dog and lead a happy life.

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