Why Fish And Chips Is So Popular In England?

Ahh, fish, chips and mushy peas.



Britain is extraordinary. It is different : the royal family, the castles, the accent, the food. And there is nothing more British than Fish and Chips. Deep-fried fish in a crispy batter with fat golden chips is still one of England’s favorite meals.

Fish and chips shops are a national institution and are widely popular across that part of the world. People badly want them. The people in our country will never understand what fish and chips is to them. It is a common take-away food and an early example of culinary fusion. Fish and chip have become very common in England and other parts of the kingdom.

Look at the reasons why fish and chips are popular in England.

1. It became stock meal in England. It is more famous in working classes.

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2. Fried fish was first brought to England by Spanish Jews. It is considered the model for the fish element of the dish.

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3. London claims itself the first to invent this famous meal. Lancashire also stakes a claim.

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4. Chips were cheap and were staple food of North England. Fish was added to it in London’s East End. #cheap #fish



5. Suddenly it became a famous combination. This is a great thing.

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6. People realized that putting chips and fish together was a good idea. This gave birth to the national dish of England.

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7. Suddenly a large number of fish and chip shops opened. This made it widely popular.

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8. Fish is no longer a working man’s nourishment. It is now classless.

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9. The credibility of this dish has increased with time. It’s another reason for it.

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10. They were sold differently at first. But when the combo was made, it rocked.

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11. It is very famous. So much famous that The New York Times has declared: “England’s hot dog is ‘fish and chips’”.

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12. Italian migrants sensed an opportunity. They opened shops.

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13. This built the taste of English people in it. It continues till date.

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14. It was even suggested that fish and chips helped to win world war. This further made it famous.

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15. Fish and chips are not bad for us comparing with other foods. This is why it became popular.

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16. Fish and chips spread like wildfire. The people became fan of it.

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17. Fish and chips became so essential to the diet of the ordinary man and woman. One shop in Bradford had to employ a doorman to control the queue at busy times.

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It is the national food of England for various reasons. Hope you tasted it if not what are you waiting for?