Why Do Dogs Run Behind Cars?

Know what they want!

Why Do Dog Run Behind Cars?

Dog can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. They are among very few domestic animals which are truth-worthy.  Everyone loves to have a dog around them. But there is one time when everyone hates a dog. A dog lover suddenly becomes a dog hater when it happens. This situation is when a dog chasing your vehicle. We get irritated if the dogs chase us. This is a hate situation.

We’ve all seen dog crazily chasing speeding vehicles. Some of us have found it funny and intriguing enough to the extent of actually looking for the reasons behind this peculiar habit of dogs. Some of us have experienced being chased by dogs. So we can relate to it.

Dogs have various reasons to do it. Some of the notable reasons are written down here.

1. They have their illakas(territory) like humans do. They want to feel safe.

 #territory #humans #safe


2. Any vehicle which has urine of other dogs angers the other dog. So they run behind them.

#urine #anger #dog


3. They may be playing a game. They might be in a mood to hunt.

#game #play #hunt


4. To a greater or lesser degree, chasing involves prey hunting. This is natural.

#greater #lesser #prey


5. Their objective isn’t necessarily to catch other animal. They just want to do it.

#object #run


6. They find fun in running around. This is why they do it.

#fun #run


7. Dogs tend to get excited very easily. This is due to their observant and curious nature.

 #excited #curious #easily


8. Moving vehicles perks up these instincts. It increases the urge to chase them.

#instincts #urge #chase


9. Some dogs do it to kill time. They have nothing else to do.

#time #kill #nothing


10. It may be sort of a natural behavior when untrained. They will not do this when tamed.

#natural #behaviour #tame


11. The dogs get super active post 10 PM. Beware at that time.

#active #post10


12. The noise of the cars also disturbs them. This makes them run.

#noise #disturb


13. They have a fear of humans. We make them frightened.

#fear #humans #frightened


14. Dogs are good trackers. They might be tracking you.

#tracker #track


15. The vehicles have fast movement. This triggers their chase instinct.

#chase #movement #trigger



If you find yourself at the receiving end, just stop the car. They would not have any idea about what to do next.