When Britain Fell in Love With Tea?

So, which drink refreshes British?

british tea

Britain consumes over 60 billion cups of tea every year. On an average, this is 900 cups per year for every man. Whether they take it with lemon, milk, sugar or just plain, it is certain that the love of Britishers towards tea is unmatchable. Their love for tea began in the eighteenth century and continues to date.

Yes tea refreshes body immensely. All you need to get refreshed is a single cup of tea. It is magical.

However, with time Britain’s love for tea is increasing. Many explain it as a generational gap. Unlike its neighbours, Italy and France, Britain doesn’t have a history of Coffee snobbism.

UK has been always known for its love for tea since the olden days.

Take a look at how Britain fell in love with tea.

1. When tea came to Britain, it was already popular in the Europe. Better late than never.

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2. Tea was first introduced in the Britain in 1662 by princess Catherine of Braganza, Portugal. She expressed her desire to drink tea. #tea

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3. By 1686, tea became popular among aristocrats. It has become a status symbol.

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4. But still, no one capitalised on the popularity of tea. The traders from other countries didn’t notice it.

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5. East India Company came to the party in the 18th century. It capitalized in the opportunity and got the gain.

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6. But before that a coffee house had a big hand in promoting tea among the common people. It sold both liquid and dry tea  as early as 1657.

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7. It was because of Catherine that tea was introduced to women. Tea, at that time, was popular among men.

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8. Being a medicinal drink also helped tea in gaining popularity. It’s medicinal properties are of help as well.

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9. Until 19th century it was costly. After that the prices dropped and the sale of tea skyrocketed.

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10. Quickly tea gained popularity during that phase. The number of tea houses were 1700 over 500 coffee houses.

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11. Then came the herbal tea. There are a lot of legends about it but let’s not get there.

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12. In 1908, the idea of selling tea in small silk bags became famous in Britain. This resulted in tea bag.

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13. Gradually, tea became a household thing in the entire Britain. It became very famous.

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14. From 2008 to 2014, the consumption saw a sharp rise of 60%. This is a big number.

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15. This is how Britain fell in love with its national drink. The prices was gradual and it took several years but when it fell in love with tea, it did properly.

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The love story of Britain and tea is great. However, slowly and gradually it seems that Britain is falling out of love with coffee.