What To Wear In Weddings In Winter Season

Follow these ideas and instantly become wedding ready this winter!

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What’s the one word that makes you want to shriek in happiness?”

Others: “Love”

People like me: “Weddings!!!!!”

Weddings are amaaaaazziiiingggg and don’t we all love them? Giving girls a reason to doll themselves up, wedding seasons are something girls eagerly wait for. Summer weddings are amazing, for you can look dashing in any dress that you pick. But what about weddings in winters?. Do not fret, you can still look dashing during the winter wedding season! Here are ways, how you can turn your regular festive wears into winter wearable and what to wear during this season.  Handpicked from few of the best designers, with these styles, you can never go wrong.  In this article, we bring to you amazing ideas on what to wear during the winter wedding season.

Follow these ideas and instantly become wedding ready this winter!

1. Layers, layers more layers

layers dress


If you want to arouse an aura of elegance and royalty around you, layers are the way to go. You can choose from a wide range of capes or jackets to be paired with your ethnic wear.

2. Bust the myth



Who says accessorising with a shawl makes you look older than you are? Bust this myth and go chic with shawls that have intricate details and grab all the attention!

3. Long sleeves are the way to go

short sleeved dresses and blouses


Reserve your long sleeved dresses and blouses for summer. Now, this is the time to go the long sleeve way. It keeps you warm, as well as gives a complete sophisticated look.

4. Cold feet? Not now

cold feet


No no, we don’t mean the cold feet the bride gets before the wedding! We literally mean cold feet now. Keep your feet all warm and cosy by opting for footwear that completely covers your feet.

5. Go regal with gowns

Long gowns


Long gowns gives you a westernized and royal look. You can pull it off with minimal accessories and the right makeup.

6. The undying love for Anarkalis



Anarkalis are always in fashion and what better occasion than a wedding to flaunt your lovely anarkali? Go for anarkalis with a little longer sleeve or style it with a matching jacket and you are all set to go.

 7. Saree, not so sanskari



Sarees never fail to amuse us, especially for weddings. Pair your saree with a suitable jacket/cape and become the show stealer of the wedding.

8. Lehengas are definitely in



Do not worry about keeping yourself warm while wearing lehengas. Style it with a jacket/drape your dupatta in such a manner that it covers you up.

 9. Dhoti pants

dhoti pants


There has been a craze for these dhoti pants in the recent times. You can pair these either with kurta or crop top.

 10. The skirt style



Skirts with bold or floral prints are beautiful and can be easily paired with a top.

 11. The perfect palazzos!



Palazzos can be easily paired with almost anything and are perfect to wear this winter wedding season!

 12. Velvet Wear

fabrics like velvet


Opt for clothes made of fabrics like velvet. These give you a majestic look, and also keep you very warm.

 13. The A line Kurtis

A line kurtis


A line kurtis are currently in trend and one of the must-haves. The flare in these kurtis gives you the perfect festive look.

 14. Pockets please!

Pockets dress


Another way to keep you warm is to wear clothes with pockets. This makes your clothes stand out from rest of the crowd and is a very smart option for winters.

 15. Glove guard



Guard your arms with gloves to keep them warm. Gloves give you a regal look and go in sync with almost all of your clothes.

With these ideas, you can look stunning this wedding season, and at the same time stay warm. Happy dressing, ladies.!


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