What is DARK INTERNET And How Do You Access It?



To understand what dark internet is we must first understand what is internet. The dictionary defines it as ‘a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.’

But internet is not as simple as it may seem. It is a much bigger place than we consider it to be. The internet that we are able to browse through common search engines such as Google, Bing is known as surface internet. It accounts for a meager 0.03% of the total content available online.  There are much deeper and shadier aspects of the internet that cannot be accessed without the use special softwares. These are known as deep internet and dark internet. These two terms are often confused with each other but are in fact very diverse and mean totally different things. Let us learn a little more about them.


Deep internet is the internet which is not accessible through common search engines. It is also known as hidden or invisible net. The only way to access it is by entering the entire web address correctly. It can be seen as a sub set of the umbrella term internet and is very vast as compared to the surface internet. It has certain restricted material which is hidden from the common search through the search engines. People regularly use it without even knowing. For example when you access your bank details or log on to any of your account, the credentials you get are visible only to you and not accessible through common search therefore these are a part of the deep net.

The dark internet or darknet as it is commonly called is a different ball game whole together. It is a sub set of the deep internet and has further narrowed down access. It can only be accessed through special softwares and is used for secret activities and transactions and to access restrictive dark content.



Image description: deep net is a subset of the internet while the darknet is a subset of the deep net. Internet is an umbrella term encompassing within it the deep net and dark net.


To understand what darknet exactly is we can see it as an equivalent for the black market. As in a black market, transactions here take placed in an incognito mode and the materials or information traded are usually secretive or forbidden in nature. The only difference is that it is like a virtual market. It can only be accessed using special softwares such as Tor. It is very difficult to access it, track it down and you need to know the exact web address to access it. One of the major advantages it offers is that the users remain anonymous. This a major reason that it is widely used and popular for tasks of restrictive nature where information security is vital.


Most of you must be familiar with the ‘Blue Whale Game’. Many of you must have also tried to access it due to your curiosity but must have ended up just with articles about it rather than the actual site. This was because the game was a part of the darknet and hence not available by a casual search on the common search engines. Let us find out what are the other uses of the dark net and who uses it :-

  • Government: The government uses the dark net because it has confidential data about the nation security, weapons used for defense of a country and so on. This information, if leaked, could lead to disastrous results so to protect such data the government uses the darknet to process and share such data.
  • Terrorists: Like the government, the terrorists also use the darknet for confidentiality and to keep their identity secret.
  • Drug dealers: If the identity of the either the drug dealers or the buyers is revealed they might be in a fix hence darknet is widely used for buying and selling drugs such as weed, heroin, purple drank, AH-7921, krokodil, whoonga and others.
  • Hit men: You can also hire hit men on the darknet. What is striking is that the hit men the darknet has to offer are quite expensive. You can find hit men available from $3000-$50,000. It would be quite an expensive deal though.


After all this information you might be wondering what exactly can one find on this forbidden darknet. So here is a list of things you can browse, find and buy on the darknet :

  • On the darknet you can look for recipes on how to cook women. It has detailed descriptions about the types of cuts you can make on the body to cook it and it also describes procedures to cook the human bodies so that they are alive for as long as possible. It is a sort of virtual cannibalism tutorial. One is left wondering if the Nithari case of Noida 2005-06 took some cues from it.
  • It offers sites that stream live human experiments to the viewers. Supposedly the scientists use the bodies of homeless people to conduct their gruesome and painful experiments and share pictures and videos of the same online.
  • You can also find people selling the most random things on the darknet such as plain sand, carrots in exchange of bit coins, pretzels etc.
  • Human trafficking again is no surprise is one of the things easily accessible on the darknet. Children, young girls are sold to the highest bidder.
  • Odd things such as DIY vasectomy kit, grenade and rocket launcher, bomb making material can be bought here.
  • We Can See You. This is probably the creepiest bit about the darknet. Many users have reported that within minutes of accessing the darknet they saw a message on the screen saying ‘We Can See You’ and some users even claim to have received blank calls following this.



Image description: the image showcases the content available on the surface, deep and dark net respectively. The content from the surface net is readily available while the content on deep and dark net is restricted.



As is evident from the word dark itself the darknet is indeed a dark territory that you might want to think twice before entering.  It is not considered to be very safe and hence one must stay as far away from it as possible. It is definitely a big no go area for children and the teenagers. Many of the users have sworn never to use the darknet again after having some terrifying experiences.

The question you need to ask yourself is do you still want to access the dark internet even after knowing all these details about it?