Twitter Slams Priyanka Chopra For Insensitive T-Shirt

The sweetheart draws criticism

Twitter slams priyanka chopra for insensitive t-shirt


Priyanka Chopra has been a darling for press and media in both India and abroad in recent times. She has created a huge fan base for herself in the past few years. The 34 year old ‘Quantico’ lead actress is a self made star. She wasn’t born with a silver spoon but she had the grit and determination to make it big and she did it. She is such a sweetheart both on and off the screen. She does everything with utter ease. She makes acting look easy. She proves that get becoming Miss World was no coincidence but she deserved to hold that title. She is such a beauty and is loved by all.

However the T-shirt she wrote during a photo-shoot for a magazine, hasn’t gone down too well with the social media. She was slammed as ‘ ‘insensitive’ for it.

Everything you need to know about Priyanka’s Tees :

1. She appeared on cover of Condé Nast Traveller. She is going miles.

 #traveller #miles


2. This was the sixth anniversary special of the magazine. There would have been no better choice than the former Miss World herself.

#MissIndia #former


3. She donned a T-shirt which features refugee, immigrant, outsider, traveller arranged one below another. The first three words are struck off with a red line, suggesting that Priyanka is a traveller.

 #traveller #refugee #outsider


4. She faced the wrath of social media for this. This is bad for anyone.

 #bad #social #media


5. She shared the cover on Twitter. She wrote, “My new cover. Thank you @CNTIndia.”.



6. Twitterati slammed her for her tee.

#refugee #Twitter #tee


7. However, there were some who supported her as well. Someone wrote, “Priyanka’s shirt means in an ideal world there would be no refugees, immigrants or outsiders. We’d all be travellers, global citizens.”

 #support #travellers #global


8. She just wanted the people to understand what she wanted to tell. This was just a great message.

#message #spread #tell


9. Seems like her message has been wrongly taken. She just wanted to spread positivity.

#positivity #message #wrongly


10. Her t-shirt was designed by V Sunil. It was made to match her statement in an interview.

#interview #Sunil #statement


11. She wore that tee to make a statement for travellers. But not everyone understands.

#understand #statement


12. She has been controversy’s child. Controversies surround her everywhere.

#controversy #child #surround


13. Priyanka has not responded to the controversy yet. Nor has Condé Nast.

#controversy #conde #nast


14. We feel that they will reply once the issue cools down. It is very fragile at this point of time.

#fragile #reply


15. Remember the whole armpit incident with Maxim? She will come up with a reply very soon.

#reply #Maxim



There are situations when you are misunderstood. This is what the situation of Priyank is at this moment of time. Hope it cools down very soon.