Top 25 highest Paid Celebrities of 2016

Money that's worth the talent


Money is certainly a big thing. It can make you go miles. But what if you get the money solely for doing what you love to. This is the case for the celebs. They come among the highest grosser. What is common among Taylor Swift, Ronaldo, One direction, Adele and Messi? They all feature in the top 25 celebs in terms of their earnings this year. It features all kinds of celebs including pop stars, singers, sportsmen and TV personalities among others. This is an interesting stuff for many folks. You might find them interesting as well.

These down below are some mind boggling facts and you won’t be able to digest then easily. Earning too much of money is no child’s play even when you are very famous.

Look at the cold hard numbers and the rankings of the top celebs. Without further delay, take a look at this in the order of rising income.

Source: Forbes

1. Taylor Swift, USA

She earned $170,000,000. With a successful album she deserves to be at the top. She beats everyone by a big margin.

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2. One Direction, UK

It earned as much as $110,000,000. It deserves to be among the top.

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3.James Patterson, USA

He earned as much as $95,000,000. To be at no. 3 is amazing.

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4.Dr. Phil McGraw, USA

His earnings went upto $88,000,000. To match CR7 is great.

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5.Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

He earned as much as $88,000,000. He us among the GOAT.

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6.Kevin Hart, USA

This man earned $87,500,000. He is such a superstar.

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7. Howard Stern, USA

The earning went as high as $85,000,000. This is too much.

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8. Lionel Messi, Argentina

He earned $81,500,000 this past year. He is a legend himself.

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9. Adele, UK

She grossed $80,500,000. Her album led to this.

 #Adele #album


10. Rush Limbaugh, USA

The earnings were as high as $79,000,000. This is an astounding figure.

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11. LeBron James, USA

The star earned $77,000,000. He is a great basketball star and is famous in the states.

#US #basketball


12. Madonna, USA

Madonna’s earning mounted up to $76,500,000. She is such a great personality.

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13. Ellen DeGeneres, USA

She earned a lot of money, to be precise it was $75,000,000. This is same as Rihanna.

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14. Rihanna, Barbados

Rihanna earned $75,000,000. She is one in a million.

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15. Garth Brooks, USA

The earnings went to $70,000,000. This is great number.

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16. Roger Federer, Switzerland

He earned $68,000,000. He is among the GOAT.

#GOAT #Federer #Roger


17. AC/DC, Australia

It earned $67,500,000 in the last 4 quarters. It is a great band.

#great #quarters #band


18. Rolling Stones, UK

The earnings went to $66,500,000. This is an astounding number.

#astounding #earning


19. Dwayne Johnson, USA

He earned $64,500,000. He is getting younger and better with age.

#young #better


20. David Copperfield, USA

He added $64,000,000 to his wealth. This man is a star.

#star #David


21. Calvin Harris, UK

Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend is a rich man himself. He earned $63,000,000. He is a great DJ.

#DJ #rich #Taylor


22. Diddy, USA

This person accumulated $62,000,000 in the same time. Things never come easy for any celebrity. Diddy is no different.

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23. Jackie Chan, China

This man added $61,000,000 to his total wealth. He is such a great artist.

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24. Bruce Springsteen, USA

She earned $60,500,000 in the past 12 months. This is a hell lot of money.

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25. Paul McCartney, UK

He earned $56,500,000 in past year. What a person!

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These people have earned too much in the past few months. They have earned too much just by doing what they love to do.