Top 15 Indian dishes to eat when you visit Rajasthan

In this article, we bring to you the top 15 dishes one must try in Rajasthan


Rajasthan, India, is known for a number of things including its deserts, clothes and dance. It’s already very famous for its cuisine.The cuisine of the states is majorly influenced by the Rajputs.  The vegetarian food that originated from the Marwaris, is also very popular among the Rajasthani cuisine. Their cuisine has a number of sweet dishes such as Besan Chakki, Alwar ka Mawa, Ras Malai, Jalebi etc. The curry varieties include Dal Chawal Kutt, Beans ki sabji, Masala Gatta etc. A trip to Rajasthan should definitely include tasting its mouth watering dieshes. Apart from the main course, the desserts also the show some mouth watering effect in them. The food in Rajasthan often includes milk, as a dominant ingredient.

In this article, we bring to you the top 15 dishes one must try in Rajasthan.

1.Dal Bhati and Churma

Dal Bhati Churma


Ask any inhabitant in Rajasthan about the food and Dal Bhati Churma is sure to top the list. It is a combination of both sweet (Churma) and spice ( Dal).

2.Rajasthani Kadhi

2. Rajasthani Kadhi


This is a yogurt/curd based dish, and has a little amount of spice in it. It can be had with rice or rotis.

3.The Rajasthani Thali

Rajsthani Thali


This Rajsthani Thali contains one of the most loved dishes from Rajasthan. It has sweets, the main course (mostly made from wheat/millet) , the side dishes and the dessert. If you want to taste a little of traditional Rajasthan, this is the right choice.

4.Rajasthan Pyaaz ki Kachori

Pyaaz ki Kachori


Kachori is a very famous snack item, which is loved both by adults and youngsters alike, all over thr country.  Rajasthan’s Pyaaz ki Kachori has onion and chilli stuffing, which gives it a very spicy taste.

5.Panchmel Dal

gravy dish


This gravy dish has been given this name as it has five lentils in it. The five lentils used are Pigeon pea, Green gram lentils, Split chick pea, Red lentils and split green gram. This dish is very rich in protein and healthy.

6.Laal Maas

6. Laal Maas


This dish is a delight for the meat eaters. Consisting of mutton, red chillies and garlic, this is a very spicy dish and definitely a must try!

7.Safedh Maas

Safedh Maas


While Laal maas is for the spice lovers, Safedh Maas is for the sweet lovers. Here, chicken is cooked and hefty amounts of cream and cashew nuts are added to it.




Sula is a very old and traditional recipe of Rajasthan. It has pieces of meat that is marinated, it can be fish, chicken or wild boar along with yogurt and spices.

9.Khoba roti

Khoba Roti


The Khoba Roti makes one fall in love right from the first sight. With intricate details, this roti is a treat not only to the eyes, but also to the taste buds.

10.Gatte ki Sabzi

Gatte ki Sabzi


Gatte ki Sabzi is gram flour based dish that has dumplings in it. It can be served with rice or roti or any other bread variety.

11.Banjari Gosht

 Banjari Gosth


Banjari Gosth is again for the meat lovers. Cooked with juicy mutton pieces, yogurt and spices, it is a must have when you visit Rajasthan.

12.Aamras ki kadhi

12. Aamras ki kadhi


This is a curry that has a kind of thicker consistency. It is ideally done during summers as it makes use of mangoes.




Rajasthan being the state with hot wether liquidsare often consumed to cool down the temperature of the body. Thandai is one such very tasty drink that is also very simple to make.




Imarti, or popularly known as Jaangari in the south is a sweet variety. Highly recommended for the sweet tooths!

15.Moong Dal Halwa

Moong dal halwa


Moong dal halwa, as the name suggests is halwa (a sweet variety) made from moong dal. Paired with ice cream, this sweet dish is literally a piece of heaven!

In a wrap, Rajasthani cuisine is definitely a treat to our taste buds, and the above mentioned dishes are ones not to miss!

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