Top 10 Social Media Influencer Marketing Platforms In India?

influencer marketing platforms in india

“Social Media is the ultimate goal equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.”-Amy Jo Martin

Social media by far is one of the most trending and successful new media forms. Anyone who is anyone can influence masses if they have what it takes. If social influencers Lilly Singh can live a successful career just by posting solid pun punches, then underestimating the power of social media is rather foolishness. So while Kanan Gill takes a chill-pill and Kenny enjoys his chai, let’s take a look at the world of social influencers and its potential in the market.


Influencer marketing is a term that has raised from the understanding of the fact that peer pressure, and power of common man’s feedback are the major driving forces for the survival of any consumer based company and for the success of any marketing or influencer strategy


It is because the traditional forms of media are kind of out dated, expensive, and moreover with India having the largest youth population in the world, social media seems to have the upper hand always. Thus changing with change in tide is the wisest way of survival of the market.

Also, influencer marketing patches up deals with social media influences have huge loyal followings on Facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, snapchat, etc. with product launching campaigns. Such campaigns always turn out victorious. Nowadays many stand-alone companies set aside a separate budget only for the sake of social media marketing.


Usually Industry experts, Youtube users, Activists, Enthusiasts, celebrities, Bloggers and many other such people get to be a social media influencer because of their dynamic influencing skills.



They follow the simple mantra of create, post and share. Creating content solid enough to  compel the viewer to get enchanted and act upon it is a great talent in itself. Thus if one can make up content worth selling off, they become the kings of social media platforms. Also certain breakthrough emergency influence programs like, giveaways, reviews, contests, coupons, etc. leaves no choice for the user but to drown in the eye popping load of content. Sharing content to the right people and that too the right time is of utmost importance. This is something one learns through continuous active presence on social media and also by studying marketing strategies used by other digital and social marketing influencers.


10) Pulpkey: It is an automated platform to create customized campaigns. It very user friendly and one is always ready to start off with its service.

Their campaigns start from Rs 50K and it works with influencers having                      on average 100K followers thus not so pocket friendly for starters but or ones who are just acquainting oneself with the whole  era of social media marketing and influencing.

9) Works with bigger influencers only. As soon as one signs up, one needs to specify what type of social media influencing is required for efficient advertising. One will have to pay an initial fee of around 9K INR and then they will connect you to 5 influencers. One will have to work with the influencer to determine how the both of you want to take the engagement forward


8) Blogmint:Works mainly with bloggers who would write blogs for your brand and spread the word. It is one of the oldest companies of its kind and have a big network of bloggers who help in the further process of influencing the masses. Their minimum campaign amount starts from 10k onwards.


7) SocialBeat:A fully digital marketing agency which also provides SEO, social ads management etc. along with works with bloggers to create a customised or specialised one of a kind marketing strategy for the specific client only. Their agenda is to help brands leverage the power of bloggers & social media influencers to create awareness and drive word-of-mouth virality. SociaBeat runs India’s largest influencer marketing network.


6) Terareach:Terareach allows brands to deploy influencer outreach campaigns through registered influencers on the platform. Marketers can also monitor their campaign through this tool. Their idea is to help connect strength of professionals to influence target audience and drive brand awareness and advocacy.


5) Fromote:Fromote empowers influencers to en-cash their social media popularity while brands can advertise to promote their brand organically through the platform. Their Proprietary algorithm evaluates the value of each promotion based on its reach, relevancy &virality and automatically rewards the influencers for their work.


4) GetEvangelized: This tool presents brands with right set of data points to pick the most engaging influencers and micro celebrities.GetEvangelized helps micro celebrities (key opinion leaders and content creators) get discovered for digital endorsement opportunities by relevant brands. It help social media influencers to monetize their content while not stopping their passions and dreams of future success and dream goals.


3) Eleve Media:This tool enables brands in leveraging the power of word of mouth on social through blogs, social media platforms and high ranking publishers. They ideate brand campaign strategies, backing them with effective advocacy solutions to deliver high quality engagement for a particular



2) An AI-based platform to automate marketing via micro-influencers. Fully automated, very similar to creating a Facebook ad and provides detailed targeting like age, location, income level etc. According to their research and survey, an average user is exposed to 1000s of ads each day, and have developed blinders to them. Posts by influencers, blend into the native feed of the user giving higher visibility and engagement.

There are few things that drive a sale more effectively than a warm word-of-mouth recommendation from friends and influencers.

Mainly for start-ups looking for conversion and growing user base. Campaigns start from as low as Rs 500.


1) Although influencer has massive reach on social media but they often struggle to monetize their reach.

To offer an innovative solution to their problem, we have created a platform to match brands with influencers where influencers with substantial reach get opportunity to earn.

Partner Affiliate:

Influencer with minimum 50,000 Page likes or followers can join Distribute11 Partner Affiliate Program where they can start earning immediately by sharing articles.

Premium Affiliate: This is a program for influencers with more than 50,000 + followers (or likes). Once they get accepted on our program they are matched with brands. Once match is done, they can run brands campaign on their social media and earn from it.