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    Girls Are Going Crazy Over Hot Chaiwala In Pakistan, Know Why?

    Move over Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi, this man has taken the internet by storm. He has made all the girls drooling over him. He has made all the people on social media platforms going crazy over him. With eyes bluer than water, he has suddenly become internet sensation. He is no less than […]

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    15 Benefits of Green Tea Every Tea Drinker Should Know

    Green Tea is the healthiest drink on the planet. It is originated in the china. It is the source of antioxidants and nutrients to the body and due to which many health freaks changed their drink habit to Green tea. But modern clinical research states that green tea has no effect with human vitamin and mineral […]

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    Why People Dip Biscuit In The Tea Before Eating It?

    via Tea is a universal drink and biscuit is a go to snack. The biscuit and tea makes refreshing combination for snacks. This is a pairing made in an eating heaven. Both are incomplete without each other. It’s like bread and jam or beer and ‘chana’. You can’t enjoy your tea without biscuits. Some people […]

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    16 Delicious Stuff To Try In The Monsoon Season

    In India, four types of seasons occur in every months. One of the most loving season out of which is the rainy season. During this season, everybody gets relax.  Rainy season brings pleasure and happiness with the rain drops falling from the heaven. When its rainy outside, people think of two things: one is romance […]