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    17 Ways To Cope With Breakup

    When you wake up at 2 am, with sweat beads dripping down your face, just because you saw him/her in your dream, it stops being a dream and turns into a nightmare. The pain will be too much to bear, and might rip you apart. There will be other sleepless nights, when you simply cannot […]

  • 27 Yoga Hacks That Only Smart People Know

    Make out best from your life! Sanskrit term “Yoga” has been taken from the ancient Indian mythology. It is believed that practicing “Yoga” not only makes one physically fit; It is equally good for mind and ensures better functioning of the inner organs likes lungs, heart, liver, kidney and the digestive system. In the current […]

  • NFL 2016

    20 Facts To Know About NFL Season 2016

    The 97thseason of National Football League has started from 8th September 2016 with four seasons: Regular season, Play-off season, Super Bowls L1 and Pro Bowl. This year 256 games will be played in the Regular season with 32 participating teams. According to the rules for the 2016 season, each team is allowed to play with […]