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    22 Waterfalls to See Before You Die

    The beautiful bounty of the Earth overwhelms everyone. It seems that this is not possible. You need to spend some time to believe that such beauties also exist. One such kind of beauty is waterfall. Seeing the beautiful waterfalls can be a great experience. They have a stunning view and the you don’t forget the […]

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    27 DIY Projects For Youngsters

      Do It Yourself, a.k.a. DIY, is the method of building, modifying, repairing, things without the direct help of professionals and experts. DIY is the perfect way to build the skill, pastime and pursue as a hobby for a youngster who loves art and craft. Tinkering on such projects increase the thinking power of kids […]

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    29 Stunning Photos Of Kristen Stewart

    Best of Kristen Stewart! This American-born 26 years old actress hails from a business family. She made her debut into film industry at a young age of 9. She initially played minor roles and gained great popularity from her work in one of the biggest hits of 1990’s “The Panic Room”. Her work was appreciated […]

  • 22 Weird Facts About Marriage That Will Make You Question Its Existence

    Amazing facts! Marriage is among-st the most beautiful relationship between two strangers who decides to walk together for the journey called life. It is more than relationship because it brings two families of different culture and sometimes different religion together, who thereafter shares a common culture, customs, rituals and tradition. The married couple takes over […]

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    23 Pets You Want To Adopt At Every Cost

    Pets are humans best friends. They are loyal to humans without demanding anything in return. Some people like cats and dogs while others like snakes and scorpions. Those who like snakes and scorpions should definitely go to a fear factor. Anyway, let’s not get there. The diverse categories of pets come with diverse prices too. […]

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    25 Hot Pics Of Eva Mendes

    Born in Miami, raised in Los Angeles, Eva Mendes had a body to make any man go crazy for her. This woman is of Cuban-American heritage. She began acting in her college days and soon started appearing in the feature films. She has been featured in many movies from since her debut.  She caught everyone’s […]

  • Anne Hathaway

    29 Stunning Pictures Of Anne Hathaway

    Best of Anne Hathaway! Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway was born on 12th November 1982 in New York. She was raised by her mother in New Jersey. This 33 years old American actress made her debut in the film industry in the year 2000 with TV series, Get Real. Influenced by her work in this shot-lived […]

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    19 Amazing Ballet Dancing Photography Moments

    via Dance is an amazing way to express how you feel. The dance that comes from within amazes everyone. You tend to love the moment when you dance from your heart. There are many dance forms like hip-hop, contemporary, classical etc. Ballet is, however, very different from these. It originated in the courts of Italy […]

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    27 DIY Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom

    Since the evolution of mankind there has been very less evolution to the bathrooms we have in our homes. The times are changing. Use every simple and exotic thing you can in your bathroom to make it look perfect. Find some inspiration and bend the rules for a perfect bathroom. Add fragrance and you will […]

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    17 Creative Ways To Make Flowers From Newspaper

    Amazing art-work! Ever wondered what can be another use of old newspapers. We all agree that “today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s waste paper”. But, that’s not true anymore. Now, old newspaper can be used to make one of the nature’s best artwork which is a “flower”. Flower is the finest creation of earth that adds beauty […]

  • 19 Do It Yourself Ways To Make Jewelry From Recycled Stuff

    19 Do It Yourself Ways To Make Jewelry From Recycled Stuff

    Make ornaments from recycled goods. Breathe life into them. There is no better way than to recycle the goods. You can use scraps, bits of pieces, papers, leftover goods, unused goods and everything else you can think of. Get idea from anywhere and everywhere. There’s only a need of bit of inspiration. Simple, beautiful, light […]