Should National Anthem Be Played in Cinema Hall or Not

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The above picture is apt for the topic “Should National Anthem Be Played in Cinema Hall or Not”. The picture shows how people are sitting in a cinema hall and they are being told to stand when the national anthem is being played. We can call cinema hall as a public place where what you or behave is observed and judged by many others unknown people present their and the conclusion of such scenario will tell us whether we need a national anthem before movies or not .

Should National Anthem Must Be Played in Cinema Hall or Not


 Today’s biggest debatable issue is should national Anthem Be Played in cinema hall or not. The Supreme Court has just ordered the national anthem be played before every movie in every cinema hall. “When the national anthem is played it is compulsory for everyone to show honor and respect. It would instill a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism,” the jury reportedly observed. The national anthem should be played when respect is to be paid to the nation. Just why are we required to pay respect to the nation before watching a movie?

It is as logical as asking to play the national anthem before doing anything else too so why only before watching movies? Movies are a source of entertainment and cinema halls are meant for such amusement. Do we really need to show our patriotism at such places when the next scene that would come will be either the actor or actress kissing or some inappropriate positions that literally does not have any connection with our patriotism. We watch movies for refreshment and joy and we as normal human being believe that the joy of patriotism is a way different from the joy of watching movies. These do not connect directly or indirectly.

Since we know it is a debatable topic so there are two opinions on the topic first opinion suggests that National Anthem is not supposed to be played in Cinema Halls. It’s our pride and we are forcing the people to stand there when National Anthem is playing whereas the contrary suggests that it is a great step taken by SC about playing national anthem in cinema. In Colombia and Thailand, it is a law to play national anthem every morning in every public TV and radio. And I think playing in cinemas is much better than playing in TV and Radio stations because in the home typically people never stand up while national anthem because nobody is watching them but in cinemas, they have to stand up and respect national anthem it brings unity in them. At least they remember to respect their nation. As nowadays it is only mandatory in schools and our youth is becoming self-centered. They have no time to be patriotic. And cinemas are the places where today’s youth often go. And it is feasible for any person who respects his or her country to have a problem to stand just for 52 sec for respecting nation before watching a movie.

Honoring the national anthem is moral and more than the fundamental duty of every Indian citizen. Each citizen should feel pride while singing the national anthem while it is being played or sung in a gathering. It is not a matter of choice, but it is the matter of proud which every citizen should feel for their own country. Though there can be some other opinions, but when it comes about the nation then it is not just a choice, it is every citizen’s right and duty to follow.

Abiding by and standing up in pride for national anthem is just a matter of few seconds. By giving respect to the national anthem, you are not only standing up in pride for your country but it is a salute and tribute to those bravest soldiers serving for the nations at the border of the country.

The law also states under section 3 of Prevention of Insult in National Honor Act in 1971 that any person not standing up or singing for the national anthem is creating disturbance in that assembly and is liable to punishment in the form of imprisonment that can extend up to 3 years or a fine or both.

Recently in Bangalore, a family was asked by the manager of the movie theatre to move out for not standing up in respect of the national anthem being played before the movie. This issue was in light in many social media and other media for a long time. Also Supreme Court has made it clear that the audience need not stand up during the national anthem being played as a part of the movie.

On the other side, though the law states that not singing or creating the disturbance while the national anthem is being played is liable to punishment but it is also nowhere mentioned that doing so is a crime.

The pride lies for the country and the in the heart and mind of the citizens and it doesn’t need the proof of any symbol to justify it The country is wasting much of time and energy in criticizing the issues such as the one that happened in Bangalore and such issues should not be given unnecessary impetus as for some, respect is something personal and cannot be shown under any pressure or forcefully.

I would like to conclude by stating my opinion that to debate on this topic does not actually require such depth. Keeping aside the concept with which the movie is released when National Anthem is played we should stand just in honor and dignity of our beloved Country. Though it is not a mark of success but at the same time it should become or rather we should make it a mark of disgrace to our country. When an attempt is being made to remember our great country we should grab the opportunity. And all such practices just want to instill some sort of patriotism in all of us irrespective of any other differentiations and if we think about the same we do not need any sort of platform for our anthem unless we do not bring the pride of it. Be it a cinema hall or any other place our objective should be to respect our anthem which should not come by force upon us by any sort of law or regulation but our soul.

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