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Comical version of Game of Throne in Bihari Language

game of morons bihari version of game of thrones

People are so obsessed by the Game of Thrones American Tv Shows that they are experimenting it with many things. Like earlier TVF has shown game of thrones on Bollywood Movie Posters such as Devdas, Khoon Bari Maaang etc which is mentioned in the Game of Thrones Entry into Bollywood Movies Post and some are making spook videos showing Donald Trump in the Game of Thrones Parody ” Donald Trumps “Game of Thrones” Spook Videos are going viral “.

Now, it is time for “Game of Morons –  Bihari Parody on Game of Thrones | Games of Thrones Indian Parody”.

See yourself the exciting dialogues of Game Of Thrones in Bihari Accent. 

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