James Bond Now Endorses Pan Bahar

This time James bond character, Pierce Brosnan will be endorsing this product!

Class meets style!

When one thinks that he has seen everything, life gives him the greatest stun that makes him hop off the bed, take a firearm and shoot oneself. As though any semblance of Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan and Priyanka Chopra weren’t sufficient to support the masala brands, this specific brand called ‘Pan Bahar’ has reserved none other than James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. Truth be told, there was a full page advertisement in the esteemed newspaper ‘The Times of India’ with Pierce grasping the Indian masala, and the brand gloating with their slogan ‘Pehchan Kamyabi Ki’. Damn… now we know why we aren’t sufficiently fruitful, in light of the fact that we weren’t biting the mixture of achievement. This brand has completed over 50 years now and made its presence all over the globe. It was started long back by Shri Ratanlal Jain in a small town of Kanpur in the year 1966. His hard-work, dedication and sincere efforts made it a mega brand that is known for its reviving taste!

This time James bond character, Pierce Brosnan will be endorsing this product! Let’s have a look!

1. Bond Bahar!

Pierce Brosnan becomes the fresh face of Pan Bahar, an Indian brand of “paan masala”. It is a mixture of areca nut, a stimulant, and Indian spices.

fresh face, James Bond


2. Injurious to health!

Pierce Brosnan will be the pitchman for the blend, which carries a warning issued by Government! It clearly states that this product is injurious to health!

Injurious, pitchman


3. Advertisement!

A front-page advertisement in the esteemed newspaper “Times of India” highlighted a photograph of Mr. Brosnan holding a container of Pan Bahar over the trademark “Class never leaves style.”

class, style


4. Conspiracy over branding!

Healthcare experts recommended Pierce Brosnan not to promote such brands that are not good for health! Since chewing such products spoils teeth and throat.

cancer, health-issues


5. Bond in action!

Mr. Brosnan thumps out an adversary with a jar of the paan masala and routs four ninjas! This amazing action sequel makes it great!

action, ninjas


6. What made Pan Bahar to choose bond!

One might be wondering why bond for the Indian masala brand? Vikash Shukla, who is the marketing head of Pan Bahar, admitted that Mr. Brosnan has got the looks that their firm is looking for!

wonder, looks


7. How much was paid to Bond for this project?

So far, nothing has been revealed about the amount for which Mr. Brosnan was assigned the project! As per sources, this information is kept confidential with the firm.

paid, bond


8. Hollywood meets Bollywood

Another thing that might stun everyone is that these days’ lots of international celebrities are making their way in Indian Cinema being it advertisement, movies or TV series! Mr. Brosnan is just another example!

Hollywood, Bollywood


9. Reaction over social media!

Just after disclose of the news that James Bond will be the brand ambassador of Indian Masala Brand, Paan Bahar! People all over the globe gave their reaction over social media!

social, media


10. Pan Bahar OO7

Since after the advent of Irish actor, Pierce Brosnan in Indian masala brand, Pan Bahar! People are now calling it as Pan Bahar OO7!

OO7, agent


11. The man behind the brand!

Long back in year 1966, Shri Ratanlal Jain from a small town of Kanpur laid the foundation of this mega brand! Today, Pan Bahar is a leading brand all over the world.

Brand, Mega


12. Is this the first debut in Indian market by Mr. Brosnan?

Very few people are aware of the fact that before “Pan Bahar” Mr. Brosnan made his debut into Indian market with the clothing brand, Reid & Taylor in year 2000. Sounds interesting!

debut, Indian


13. Bond Rising!

One of the reasons behind signing for this project is that Mr. Brosnan since after the Bond series is not getting good projects to work over!

bond, rising


14. Stunning reaction!

People found it hard to believe that the James Bond character will be making his debut on Indian Television by branding for Pan Bahar. Have a look at these reactions.

stunning, reaction


15. Impact over the market!

Marketing experts believes that the association of James Bond character with Pan Bahar will be fruitful for the firm. It will lead to better sales of the product.

market, sales



This Irish actor will be the new face for the Indian Masala Brand, Pan Bahar. It will be fruitful for the firm since James Bond character, Mr. Brosnan is known worldwide for his bold personality.

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