How To Trade Stocks Online


All of us have heard about Investing in Stocks and Stock Trading. At some point, we thought to do it, too. How hard can it be? Buy low, sell high! Well, it’s not that easy. It also left us clueless when we tried to understand it.

We still want to do it anyway, because… money. It’s a great way to have financial security. That also enable us to be a part of the companies we like, admire or feel great to use their services and/or products.

Online Stock Market Investing and Online Trading can be started in just few simple steps. Investing is buying and holding of stocks for extended periods of time. Trading is buying and selling of stocks frequently.

You don’t have to call a broker and instruct each time you have to convey something. Most of the things can be done online.

The basic things one needs to have to start trading are:

1.Bank Account.

2.Trading Account.

3.Demat Account (Dematerialized Account).

The Demat account is used to store the stocks. Trading account is used to buy and sell the stocks. While Bank account is for keeping your money. Hope you knew the last point.

Trading and Demat account can be opened on online trading sites or with Brokerage Firms. It’s not necessary to open a stock brokerage account in the same Bank where you have Savings/Salaried account.

So, here’s a list of few online trading platforms, where you can start trading online:


1.Zerodha: An easy to use website with a simple and visually pleasing layout.

They are one of the online brokers.
They introduced and popularized Discount Broking in India.

-Rs. 0 Brokerage for Equity delivery.
-Rs. 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) per executed order on Intraday Equity and F&O trades.

They have Education section, where one can learn about Stocks. From Introduction to advanced learning.

Visit for more information.

2.5paisa: Backed by IIFL, it’s another one of the online stock brokers.

They offer Online Trading, Mutual Funds, Online Insurance.

-Get Free Mutual Fund Account.
-Free Brokerage.
-Rs. 10 per executed order in Equity, F&O and Currencies.
Offers: Free first 5 trades.

You can start trading within few hours of applying online.
5PSchool and Knowledge Series for Investor’s education and learning.

Go to their website here:

3.Trade Plus: One of the best online brokerage sites as they got NSDL Star Performance Award for 2013, 2015 and 2016.

-Option Trading, Commodity Trading, Currency Trading at just Rs. 99 per month.
-Future Trading at Rs. 799 per month.
-They have various tools to offer.

Visit their site here:

4.Fyers: A website to buy stocks online. Also, an acronym for Focus Your Energy and Reform the Self.

-Equity Delivery: Rs. 20 or 0.1% (whichever is lower) per executed order.
-Equity Intraday: Rs. 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) per executed order.
-Futures: Rs. 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) per executed order.
-Options: Rs. 20 per order.

They have a Brainstorm section, where you can increase your knowledge about the Market.

Go to their website to know more:

5.SAS Online: An interactive website. SAS Online, by traders for traders. (Their slogan)

-Rs. 9 per executed order for Equity, Commodity or Currency segments.
-Rs. 9 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) for Intraday.
-Rs. 9 or 0.1% (whichever is lower) for delivery.

They have a section as Knowledge Base, where you can learn and educate yourself about stocks and shares.

To know more, go to their website:

6.Trading Bells: They’re powered by Swastika Investmart Ltd., which is proving broking services since past 25 years all across India.

-Equity delivery: Zero Brokerage charges.
-Equity Intraday: Rs. 20 or 0.01% (whichever is lower) per executed order.
-Futures: 0.01% or Rs. 20 (whichever is lower) per executed order.
-Options: Flat Rs. 20 per executed order.

They mention on their website about the rule they have about transparency in prices. So, a list of everything a client has to pay is available on their Pricing page in detail.

Here’s the website:

7.Zeroshulk: An online stock trading website. They’re in the game since 1985.

-Flat trading plan with Rs. 15 per executed order.
-Unlimited trading at Rs. 1999 per month.

Those who can’t access the online trading, can trade via Calls, which will cost Rs. 20 per executed order.

More information can be obtained here:

These were few of the online trading platforms where you can open a brokerage account and start trading. Always remember, before you start trading, try to understand the fundamentals of how everything works.

Do not start trading with your money, without having any idea about how Stock Market works or how you can use these online services. Consult the stock brokers before you do anything.

Anyway, to make it more interesting, here’s a bonus website:

On this website, you can’t buy stocks, but you can compare over 70 brokerage firms in India and choose the best one that you need.

They have a Broker Directory, where you can see all the Brokerage firms listed, with few details given below them.

Please go through all the details and information available. The trading platforms also offer Learning materials for beginners. Study the material before making hasty decisions.

Don’t rush into it without making informed decisions, because we’re in this for making money, not losing it.