How To Make Yummy Incredible Veg Pizza?

You'll be left licking your fingers



Food is a great way to turn on your energy when you are down. Anyone can be made happy with some good food on the table. A person with food in the belly is always happy. Pizza is a tried and tested food for this. Everyone loves it and nothing beats a pizza made at home. Nothing beats any kind of home made food. No Domino’s, Pizza Hut or any kind of pizza from any other fast food outlets matches the one made at home. You won’t order a pizza from outside once you master the art of making a pizza. You don’t have to choose between different kinds of pizzas. You just have to find the right mix. A good pizza is just minutes away from you.

All you need to do is know about the tricks to make a good pizza. Scroll down to have a better idea of what a good pizza you can make easily at home.

1.  Ensure that you have all the ingredients.

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2. Make sure that the materials are of good quality. Double check them.

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3. Put the flour in the bowl. Ensure that it is properly sifted.

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4. Make the dough smooth. This can be done like the paratha dough. You should not be lazy while doing this.

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5. Multitasking is the key. Prepare topping along with the sauce.

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6. Sauté vegetables in olive oil with some spices. This adds to the taste.

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7. Cut the toppings smartly. Save some time.

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8. Make your pizza sauce chunky, not smooth. You’ll love it. Peel the skin and mash the tomatoes.

#peel #mash #chunky


9. Heat the oil pan on medium heat. Fry the toppings on it. Cook it till it becomes translucent.

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10. Don’t add too many toppings. It would be a let down in a pizza.

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11. Don’t use more or less yeast. To obtain a good pizza, you need to use adequate amount.

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12. Assembling and baking the pizza is as important as other parts. It determines how your pizza is going to look and how is it going to taste.

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13. Put the pizza in preheated oven. 12 to 13 minutes and your pizza is done.

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14. You can also mix different kinds of cheese e.g. mozzarella and stilton. This will add to taste.

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15. Designing is the key to make anyone love your pizza. It leaves a lasting impression.

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Pizza is something you can’t resist. It is wonderful go to food. It would be even better when you prepare it yourself.