How To Go Live On Instagram ?


Instagram has introduced its supposedly new feature where the users can watch live videos of people they follow. Also, like in the existing version, users can find suggestions on the top section to watch live videos. The live feature is similar to that in Facebook and Snapchat. In Instagram, live videos cannot be viewed later, as it doesn’t get stored in the memory. Also, if someone posts a live video, it can be viewed only for a particular number of times by that person’s followers. Like the typical Instagram way, people can give a heart (like it) to the live videos. Sharing similarities with the stories on Snapchat, this feature isn’t entirely new to anyone on the social media and there is a huge amount of hype about this feature.

We bring to you ways on how to go live on Instagram. Read on, and know more about this feature on Instagram.

1. Get started


Install the Instagram app and sign into your account. If you don’t already have an account, create one.

2. Swipe left from the main screen


Once you sign in, you can view your main screen. Swipe left from here.

3. Decide what to post



After you’ve swiped left, you’ll find the camera staring at you. Now you’ll have to decide what to post

4. Capture the moment


After you’ve done all the above mentioned steps, you are set to go live. All you need to do is capture the moment

5. Camera roll



You can also upload pictures or videos from your camera roll.

6. Almost set



Once you’ve captured your moment or uploaded from camera roll, you are almost good to post your story.

7. Time limit


You have an option of making your live post be available for a time limit of one hour.

8. End the story


In case you want to reduce the broadcast time from an hour to something less, you can do so.

9. Post your story


Now that you’ve captured the moment, all you have to do is to post it.

10. And you’re done!



Once you’ve posted it, your story goes live! And you’re done. Based on your privacy settings, it will be determined who can view your story.



This live feature is an amazing way to share your best moments with your friends. Follow the listed steps and enjoy this feature!

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