How to Get ISBN in India


ISBN is an acronym for International Standard Book Number. It’s a book identifier assigned to individual editions and variations of a book. If you’re wondering where to buy ISBN numbers, we got that covered.

Register ISBN through an agency, online. The process of registration varies in each country. In India, Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN issues ISBN number.

While few countries have a price to buy, don’t worry about the ISBN number cost in India, as it’s absolutely free.

ISBNs are assigned to Publishers or Self-Publishing authors. Where, one can get a minimum block of 10 numbers or a single ISBN number which is allotted to a single Title, as the case maybe. Obtaining an ISBN for self published book has almost the same process.

Getting an ISBN number is not necessary and Authors can publish their books without it. However, it’d be useful to identify a book easily around the globe. It is used to store the information about the book in ISBN database and that would help in sales of a book as it’d be easier to order, list, and know the bibliographical details of it.

You can just go to and start applying.

One should have already decided on how many pages their book will have, the margins, design of the Cover pages (front and back), the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of the book. These are necessary for obtaining an ISBN.
So, let’s get started. Following are the steps you can follow to get an ISBN for your book:

Before you start, make sure you have a soft copy of your PAN card, Aadhaar Card, Passport, and the Cover page of your book, saved on your computer or the device you’re applying from.


Step 1: After going to the website, click on New Applicant Registration.

Step 2: Here you can select Applicant Type. Select if you’re an Author or a Publisher. Then fill out the details accordingly.



Step 3: After filling up the details and submitting, you’ll get an E-Mail with Password for your Account. The User name will be your E-Mail ID.



Step 4: Login to your account by clicking on Applicant Login.
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Step 5: After clicking on the Applicant Login, you’ll have to enter your E-mail ID in the User Name column; and Password (that you received in the E-mail) in the Password column.
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Step 6: After logging in, you can change your password, as it was sent by them in your E-Mail. You can skip this step for later, but it’s better to change it at the earliest for security reasons.


Step 7: After logging in, you can see few options. One of them is Apply for New Application.

Here they’ll ask you to attach few documents like, the Cover of the Book in the format they specify. That’d be PDF or Jpg (Picture) format.


Step 8: After filling up the required details, click on Save button. After saving, you should be able to see the details of the application in columns like, Status of the application, Submitted On, Titles Applied, Action, etc. Then the application status would be shown as ‘Pending’.

Step 9: Now, under the Action column, you have Submit to Department option. Until you click on the Submit to Department option, you can modify or rectify the details you have given. Then click on the Submit to Department option to finally submit the application to them.


Step 10: After submitting the application, the Application Status will be shown as ‘Submitted’. You would have to wait for further action from their side.

After the issue of the ISBN number, they’ll notify you via E-Mail.

In case any clarification is required by them, the Clarification column will show you the same, and you can view and answer it through that.


Step 11: If there’s no clarification needed, the application status will show ‘Under Process’.


The Application Status will show, ‘Approved’ / ‘Rejected’ as the case maybe.

Then, it will show ‘Allotted (Please Fill the Book Details)’ under the Application status.


Step 12: You can click on ‘New Book Details’ under Action column to give the book details.


Step 13: Then, you’ll see two options to give book details. ‘Add New Book’ and ‘Bulk Uploading’.


You can select the option that you need. The details required are Title, Edition, Volume, Price, Pages, Cover Page, etc.

For multiple uploads, click on Bulk Uploading and get the format in Excel through that small Excel icon beside it.

After uploading the book details, you can upload the Covers Pages for the books individually on the website in specified formats.


Step 14: Single or multiple Titles, you have to select the check boxes against the title(s) under the Select column and click on the ‘Submit to Department’ button.

Now, you have to wait for book-wise issue of ISBN from the Agency. Then, it’ll show ‘Allotted’ against each book in the list.


Before you start applying, you have to make sure you are ready with all the required information that’s being asked by them. Be ready with your Book details and make sure you don’t change any Book information like, Language, Cover Page, or the type of Book, i.e., Hardbound, Softbound or E-Book. Each case requires new Book ISBN.

Read the FAQ section on the website to clarify your queries. Especially, the list of things that do not qualify for an ISBN number.

Keep in mind, they do not provide you with a barcode of the ISBN. You would have to create it through other places. There are free ISBN barcode generator websites. Two of them have been listed below:

1.ISBN Barcode Generator: ISBN 13 barcode available at:



These are the websites to create ISBN barcode, if you’re getting an ISBN for self published book. If not, and you’re going to approach a Publisher, ask them about the process.