How to Donate Car for Money


Do you have an old car that’s just a dust-gathering-machine? And you want to donate it? And are you wondering, “How to donate a car?” or “Where can I donate my car?”

Well, you can definitely do that. There are charities that offer this opportunity, where you can give your vehicle as a donation. Few Charities accept Cars, RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, etc. There are few charities that accept car donations directly.

You could donate car for cash, but that’s not always an option at all charities. You’d have to ask many places to reach the best place to donate a car.

While you won’t always get cash in hand, you can donate car for tax credit. Before registering with any organization, you could check whether donations made to them are exempted from tax.
All countries have charity organizations, but they might not have vehicle donation program. However, you can easily call and ask your local charities about it, and they might have that option after all.

United States of America has few reputable car donation charities where they accept Auto Donations. You can find a list of those organizations below.

Before the list, please make a note that finding charities which accept car donation in other countries is slightly difficult than those in USA. So, if you’re not from USA, you can follow the steps mentioned after the list, to donate your car for money.

1. Goodwill Car Donations: No matter which state you live in, Goodwill Car Donation accepts it.


They say that feel free to donate cars, trucks, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), boats, planes and jet skis.

Even if the vehicle isn’t working, you can donate it.
Towing of your vehicle will be free for you, and IRS allows you to claim car donation tax deduction.

Keeping the recent hurricanes in mind, they’re even accepting flood-damaged.

Go to their website:


2.The Salvation Army: The Salvation Army Car Donation is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church established in 1865.

You can schedule your donation online.

They offer free pick-up service.
They’ll contact you in 3 business days after you first register with them, online.

Visit their website here:
3.Cancer Research Institute: Donate your car for a great cause, i.e., Cancer Research.



You can either fill out the form or call them, to start the process.
They accept vehicle donation from all the continental states and Hawaii.

For more information, visit:


4.American Red Cross: A reputable organization in charity work.

You can call them directly or fill the form online to start the process of donating.
If you fill the form online, they’ll contact you by phone within 24 hours.

Their Website:


5.Outreach Center: Car Donation Program for Kids. The proceeds will go the children’s charities.



They accept Vehicle donations nationwide. This enables them to support dozens of charities.

The also have free same day pick-up service.
Visit their website by clicking here:


6.Donate A Car: A website through which you can pick the charity of your choice. Donation to any charity on the site can be exempted from tax.



You can find a charity online or call them about it.
They offer next day vehicle pick-up service.
They help the charity sell the vehicle.

You can choose whatever charity you want.

For FAQs or more information, go to:


7.Donate Car For Charity: It is a part of Family Care Foundation, a non-profit organization.



They simplify the process and boil it down to just 5 steps.

Free towing of vehicle is offered by them.

They accept Car, Truck, SUV, Motorcycle, RV, and boat.

Go to their website here:


That’s been the list where you can donate car to charity, if you live in USA. Oh, and there’s more for you. You can list your car for Rentals on Turo.

Turo: Where you can rent cars or list your own car for rent.

You just have to describe your car and upload photos of your car.
And keep your Calendar dates up, for others to know when it’s available.

Go to their website to know more and list your car:

There’s one for Canada: Donate a Car – Canada.

They’re offering free towing in every province.
They have hundreds of charities for you to choose from.

Visit their website here:


For other countries follow any of the steps below. Actually, anyone anywhere can follow these steps:

  • Place an advertisement in the newspaper regarding your offer.
  • Call local charities to know whether they accept Car/Vehicle donation.
  • Get registered with Cab services such as Uber, Ola,, or call local cab/taxi services and ask them whether they’d like to take the car.
  • Ask in your circles, friends or family and tell them about your idea. Tell them to look for anyone who’d be willing to take your offer.


These are few steps you can follow to donate your car.
Hopefully, your question of “Where to donate a car?” was answered.

So, what are you waiting for? Donate your car today!