How Can You Make Money as Social Media Influencer?

social media influencer

Social Media has been the buzz for more than a decade now. Everyone is scrolling their lives away on different devices, it only seems logical to tap that potential to make you famous online. Few ordinary people with normal lives, who started doing small-small things online years ago, now have big Virtual Empires, with so many followers and fans that it’s surreal to believe.

At times like this, the person with much following can speak their mind and heart out and directly connect with the followers and turn them into fans.

The person with a good amount of social media followingcan be called, a ‘Social Media Influencer’.Meaning, they have the power to influence others’ view. Just like the Celebrities of the world. Only difference being, their Influence is through the Social Media.

When this happens, they gain the power to subtly or clearly convey and promote their message to the biggest audience possible.

So, stage is set, fame is achieved. Now, how to monetize this fame? What should these ‘Social Influencers’ do in order to make money?

Social Media Marketing and Advertising through their famous accounts. By pitching to Brands, the Influencers can get them to place their Brand Advertisements in the Content created by Brands.

What is Social Media Marketing anyway?

Marketing a product or service through Social Media websites or platforms is known as Social Media Marketing. This is also called as non-traditional advertising. The people nowadays stopped looking at the hoardings and instead, started looking at their mobile devices and this is where new advertising alias online advertising is emerging.

Over the social media it is easier to convince fans as they hold similar mindsets. Hence, content creator can easily target them in one place over internet via influencer marketing. This isInfluencer Marketing.

There are many ways by which Social Media Influencer can earn money on differentsocial media platforms, doing things that they love. There are many Influencer Marketing Platforms through which you can start getting in touch with Brands in an efficient way.

Before that, we’re going to see few efficient ways to earn money:

1.Affiliate Marketing: Where the Online Influencers get a commission on the products sold through their referrals.

The best way to start is, go to the Amazon website and scroll down to the end. You’ll find and option, ‘Become an Affiliate’, under ‘Make money with us’.


Many Content Creators place links to products in their content. When a purchase is made through those links, the Creators get a commission.

While it sounds easy, the earnings are a commission, meaning, they are just a small percentage that you get, if the product is bought.

They even have rules regarding the disclosure of the Affiliate links before putting them out on the content to your followers. Make sure you understand fully before venturing into this.

To know more, visit their website:

2.Ad Sense: This is the way a YouTuber or a Blogger can start earning once they reach an eligible stage.

It’s by Google. Where one can sign up and start earning through Ads placed on their content, either Video or a Blog Post.

3.Sponsorships: Top Social Media Influencers earn mostly through this technique. A Creator gets paid for promoting the products of a Brand, through their Videos, Pictures or Blogs, etc. and the Brands enjoy the reach they have with the wider audience, through them.

This is the most reliable way of earning. Also, hard to reach, because you’ve to have a good following for the Sponsors to find you suitable for advertising their products.


There are Influencer Marketing Agencies/websites, where you can sign up and get in touch with the Brands. Few of them are listed below:


4.Tribe Group: An amazing website for both, the Brand and the Influencers.

A Brand can create campaigns, where they post the requirements of their advertisement, and the Influencers can create their Content and post them with a price tag. The Brands will then find influencers and choose the ones they like and that Creator gets paid.

A very simple to use platform. If you create quality content, then check this one out for sure.

Their website:

5.Intellifluence: Get free products or cash in exchange for your reviews.

You can sign up for free, as an Influencer and start getting free products to review. You’ll get paid in either cash or free products.

Any amount of following you have, you can start here, as they don’t have any minimum requirements.

6.Patreon: A total Influencer Website, where the Creators of any field can receive funding from their Fans or as they call them, Patrons.

You get to keep 90% of the funds. 5% are transaction fees.
And they keep just 5%.

You can earn through all other sources, simultaneously start a page on Patreon to receive funds directly from your fans. So, how do the fans benefit? Well, that depends on you, as a Creator. You can give insights into your works and life to the Patrons. Or receive funds for artworks in exchange.

Totally depends on you, the Creator.

Go to the website here:

7.Social Bluebook: In sponsorships, you might underestimate your fees and let them pay you less, because of lack of knowledge. To help you exactly there, Social Bluebook comes into picture with the best social media management tools.

They provide you with the information like, how much you can charge the Brands.

Creators shared that through this, they could ask for the right price. Also, that they were being paid 3 or 4 times less than what they were worth.

With all the information of your Social reach and statistics, you will be given the details of how much you deserve.

The website of Social Bluebook:
8.Bonus site: –Distribute 11: Brands and Influencers are rewarded here. Any influencer with more than 50,000 page likes or followers can join them.
After joining, they’ll be matched with Brands and then they can run the brand’s campaign on their Social Media, and earn from it.

Their website:


There are other options like, becoming a Social Media Consultant or getting into Social media marketing jobs.

It’s really your choice as an Online Influencer, to take any option from these to start earning.

Don’t forget to learn about it in detail before you start to earn.