Gujarat Diamond Merchant Gifts His Employees 400 Flats, 1260 Cars On Diwali

The Surat Diamond tycoon does it again


The Surat based diamond merchant Savji Dholakia is famous for his generosity and easy going nature. He makes headlines for this time again. He is giving away 400 Flats, 1260 Cars As Diwali Bonus to his employees. This kind hearted man has already become famous for his benevolent nature.

The billionaire is the owner of a Surat based diamond firm named Hare Krishna Exports. Most employees in other firms receive presents of some kind from their bosses during Diwali, the festival of lights, but they are in the form of boxes of Indian sweets but Mr. Dholakia is different. He has a different mindset and ‘giving away’ nature. This is not difficult for a man who exports diamonds to 75 countries but it takes a big heart to do all this.

Take a look about what is it about the man with a big heart from Surat, Gujarat.

1. He has spent 51 crores in the process of rewarding his employees. This is a whopping amount.

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2. This is not the first time. He has been doing it since 2012.

#not_first #since2012


3. Last year he gifted 491 cars and 200 flats to the employees. This is a continuing process for him.

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4. In the year 2014, the company has gifted flats, cars and jewellery worth Rs 50 crore to 1200 employees. This included 491 cars, funds for 207 flats and jewellery.

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5. It is an unprecedented Diwali bonanza. He is rewarding 1,660 employees for their exceptional work.

#unprecedented #bonanza


6. The diamond merchant hails from Dudhala village in Amreli district in Saurashtra region. He says that he is an illiterate man.

#saurashtra #dudhala


7. He made news when he had sent his son Dravya to perform  a job in Kerala to learn the ropes. He wants to make him learn to do things on his own.

#dravya #job #kerela


8. The firm has registered a turnover of Rs. 6000 cr. This is too much.

#turnover #crores


9. His company is celebrating its golden jubilee this year. 50 years and still on.

 #golden #jubilee


10. He started his business with borrowed money. He grew it from scratch.

#business #minimal #scratch


11. He announced the incentives on October 24. A few days before the festival of lights.

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12. The flats will be allotted as per the company’s housing scheme. This is to give everybody a home in coming five years.

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The initiative taken by Mr. Dholakia sets a brilliant example for other companies. Citispotter community applauds him for setting examples for other companies.