Glastonbury 2017: What You Need To Know About It?

Amazing facts about the Glastonbury Festival that one needs to know! Let’s have a look!

 There are many festivals celebrated worldwide every year, one of them is the Glastonbury Festival. It is a festival of contemporary performing arts that is celebrated near a small village of England, Pilton.

Glastonbury is the biggest Greenfield celebration on the planet and is currently touched around 175,000 people, requiring broad foundation regarding security, transport, water, and power supply. The larger parts of the staff are volunteers, helping the celebration to raise a huge amount of British pounds for the good causes. The celebration is roused by the ethos of the nonconformist, counterculture, and free celebration developments. It holds remnants of these conventions, for example, the Green Fields territory, which incorporates segments known as the Green Futures and Mending Fields.

Some amazing facts about the Glastonbury Festival are revealed, so have a look:

1. Origin!

One might be wondering when it was celebrated for the first time! It was Michael Eavis who hosted the first ever Glastonbury in 1970 near a small village of England, Pilton.

Michael Eavis, celebrate


2. Organizing Committee

Since 1981, this festival has gained great popularity all over the globe. In order to make this event memorable a Festival Republic was formed in year 2002. Even this time in 2017 Festival Republic will be hosting the festival.

popular, host


3. Logistics!

For this five-day festival, shuttle bus service is provided to allow people to reach the venue that too at reasonable price. Moreover, public transports are readily available.

travel, buses


4.  Venue

This amazing festival of contemporary fine arts will be held at a small village of England, Pilton from 21st June 2017 to 25th June 2017. Reach out soon!

venue, Pilton


5.  Where to find my tickets?

Booking are live now! One can find their tickets from the official site of Glastonbury festival from 6th October 2016 to 9th October 2016.

tickets, sale


6.  Did you missed out?

If one has missed out the booking don’t be disappointed! As per sources, tickets will be out again for few more days in spring 2017!

reopen, bookings


7.  How much to pay?

One needs to pay around 301.09 USD as booking fee. This incorporates entry, five evenings of outdoors and some other benefits.

cost, entry


8.  Is there any installments?

Another amazing thing about this festival is that kids under age 12 will be given a free ticket. Moreover, a certain amount is to be paid before October 2016 and the remaining amount in April 2017.

free, installments


9.  How to register?

Glastonbury organizing committee recommends registering at the official site of Glastonbury with single tab user registration in order to avoid any error.

register, tab


10.  Refreshinator

One might be wondering what the term “Refreshinator” means? It is basically an IOS app that claims to make the registration process simpler.

app, easy


11.  What’s exciting for 2017!

This time the festival will be more exciting. Glastonbury Festival originator Michael Eavis has affirmed three main events for the Pyramid Stage have been reserved.

exciting, events


12. Kraftwerk this time!

As per sources, German electronic band “Kraftwerk” will be performing at Glastonbury. It will be grand this time.

Kraftwerk, first-time


13. Four-piece

One of things that will stun you is that the Pop band “four-piece” will be performing on 22nd June 2017. This is biggest comeback from the band since 2004.

band, pop


14. Musicians.

Another thing that makes it a grand fest is that there will be in all 90 Musicians performing at the Glastonbury. It will be one of the biggest musical fest this time.

grand, musicians


15. Deaf and Disabled!

In order to make this event approachable by everyone, special provisions are provided for the deaf and disabled by the organizing committee. Thus, it will be a big hit among all.

disabled, provisions


16. Accommodation

One might be worried about the accommodation! As per sources, there will be pre-erected camps onsite to accommodate large number of people.

accommodation, camps


17. Missed out?

In case one is unable to attend the fest, DVD films will be made available to leading stores. One can capture every insights of the event through these recorded films.

DVD, insights


18. Noble cause!

Glastonbury Festival is one of the best events that donates a huge amount earned from the event for charity. Thus, one should be glad to enter the event as a big share of his amount spent at the fest goes to the needy and poor.

poor, needy



Besides being a musical event, it is one of the best ways to help poor. A huge amount collected from the event is donated for various noble cause.

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