Donald Trump And His Lavish Lifestyle

Donald Trump made huge wealth from his extravagant business! Let’s have a look at his lavish lifestyle now...

Trump made it huge!

Wealth is an exceptionally expansive word with various implications to various individuals. Numerous individuals feel that the measure of cash somebody has figures out whether they are affluent; though, numerous individuals feel what one has collected consistently, and how much achievement they have accomplished in their life decides it. Is cash and having incredible measures of it the main consider being well off, or is it having accomplished what one has needed and having belonging to appear for his or her prosperity. This theme will doubtlessly in discussion for eternity.

Let’s have a look at Trump’s lavish lifestyle!

1. Trump apartment

Donald Trump along with his wife lives on the top three floors of the grand “Trump Tower”. This penthouse is believed to be engraved with finest marble art along with 24 carats gold plated embroideries.

mansion, art


2. Rich Enough!

He’s rich enough to purchase and offer the various Republican presidential candidates.

rich, candidates


3. Billionaire!

As per Forbes, Donald Trump owns huge wealth. At present he has a wealth worth 4.5 Billion USD.

wealth, present


4. First-time

He’s the wealthiest man to be a nominee for US presidency. He is much wealthier than Steve Forbes, Ross Perot and Mitt Romney.

wealthiest, presidency


5. Gucci store!

As per sources, Donald Trump owns a Gucci store that is another source of income. Sounds interesting!

Gucci, sourc


6. Estate!

Trump admits that his construction business never let him worry about money. He made a huge wealth out of it.

construction, worry


7. Brand “Trump”

Donald Trump has flourished his business all over the world that too in each and every segment like clothing, beverage, estate and many more.

business, world


8. Manhattan real estate

In young old days, Donald Trump tried his fortune in Manhattan real estate market. Luckily he was very successful in the project and now owns a three-story penthouse in that.

fortune, penthouse


9. Penthouse worth 100 million USD

If we look over the penthouse that is owned by Trump! It would cost around 100 million USD as per current market price.

market, penthouse


10. Mar-a-Lago!

Besides Trump Tower, Donald Trump owns a landmark estate “mar-a-lago” located in Palm Beach of Florida.

estate, beach


11. Trump 757

Besides extravagant mansions, Trump owns a Boeing 757 that was purchased by him in year 2011. He renovated it with gold plating, leather seats and many more accessories.

Boeing 757, gold


12. Sikorsky S-76 helicopters

Besides being a great husband, Trump owns Sikorsky S-76 helicopters that are held by him for giving rides to his kids. Thus, he is a cool dad too!

dad, husband


13. Cars!

Donald Trump although prefers American cars only! He has an amazing car collection like Rolls-Royce Phantom, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz S600, Silver Cloud, SLR McLaren and many more!

cars, prefer


14. Golf courses!

Trump is very good at playing golf. He owns around 12-golf courses in Scotland, Florida, Ireland, Los Angeles and many more.

Golf, good


15. The Apprentice

Besides being active in business, trade and politics Trump is the co-owner of NBC’s biggest hit TV show “The Apprentice”. Sounds great!

active, TV


16. Yacht!

One might be wondering whether this billionaire doesn’t own a yacht! Actually, Trump once owned a luxury yacht. Later, in year 1990 he sold it for 20 million USD.

yacht, luxury


17. Casino

One of the games that are meant for riches is “casino”. Trump owns many casino bars in Atlantic City.

casino, game



Trump made a huge wealth out of his family’s real estate. He is still among the wealthiest American owning a capital worth 4.7 Billion USD.

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