Do You Know What Rowan Atkinson Is Up To After Mr.Bean?

mr beans

Mr. Beans the most humorous character ever. Rowan Atkinson has known as Mr. Beans for his hilarious character in the comedy show names Mr. Beans. He is responsible for the smiles of children’s and adults alike, no matter which region of the world he is famous everywhere. The way he uses to make everyone laugh is so amazing that he hardly have any hater,  but surely have millions of fans. The mockery he does is seriously in a unique way with his artistic acting skills. Since after his last show was aired on television he is badly missed by his millions of fans, so we will let you know what your most admired comic character (Mr. Beans) is up to?

Secret Agent

johnny english reborn

The last episode of Mr. Beans was broadcasted on television in 1995, after 8 years of that Rowan Atkinson appeared on screen in 2003. He played a starring role of a secret agent in a English movie, “Johnny English”. It was so well received by the audience that its sequels ‘Johnny English Returns’ and ‘Johnny English 3’ followed.


Death Bluff

Johnny English mr beans

When Rowan Atkinson was removed from the third sequel of the movie “Johnny English 3”, someone made rumors that Rowan Atkinson died. This news spread over media like a fire and even Wikipedia updated his death. Later on, the rumors were vanished and all of his fans became happy again and Wikipedia also corrected their wrong updates.


His Latest role
Rowan Atkinson

These years the famous character Mr. Beans (Rowan Atkinson) is playing a heavyweight role of Jules Maigret as a French Detective in the ‘Maigret Sets A Trap’, a 2-hour, TV special. But unfortunately Rowan Atkinson best performed as a comic character and was unable to do well with this serious character, maybe he has the skills only to bring smiles on the face of people.