Classic Hairstyles That Match Your Zodiac Sign

While taking life decisions if you look into your Zodiacs, then why not for Hairstlying

girly hairstyle

People do love to read the horoscopes of their zodiac signs to know what is going to happen in their day and near future. They find it interesting to see people of same zodiac signs and relates with them. Some people even see Zodiac signs which will be compatible with their own zodiac signs. People also look for the horoscopes of their partners, family and friends.

Yeah.. People do follow whats written in their horoscope and do accordingly, whether it be in personal or professional life.

Here we present you some of the hairstyles according to your zodiac sign. Try them and share your experience with us.

1. Aquarius – the Kumbh (Jan 19-Feb 18)

These water-bearers are creative people. They must have a shot, layered and feathery hair look which is easy to maintain and carry.

feathery hair l


2. Pisces – the Meen (Feb 19-Mar 20)

These mystical and romantic people are too insightful. They can have an undercut which they can hide at times and open up at others.



3. Aries – the Mesh (Mar 21-April 18)

The Independent, courageous and leaders are the characteristics for these people. The blunt and past-the-shoulder haircut would be perfect for these energetic people.

blunt and past-the-shoulder haircut


4. Taurus – the Vrishabha (April 19- May 20)

The Kindhearted and beautiful souls can be relied upon. A lengthy and layered haircut would be best which would not need much keepup.

 lengthy and layered haircut


5. Gemini – the Mithun (May 21- June 21)

These talkative chatter boxes share their thoughts without any fear. A half-shaved look is best for them, so that when they get bored with their shaved look they can cover it up with the other half hairs 😉 😀

half-shaved look


6. Cancer- the Kark (June 20- July 22)

These sensitive and reserved people are hard to spot in public. They can add bangs to their look will add to their deterministic personality.

Cancer- the Kark


7. Leo – the Simha (July 22- Aug 22)

They are born leaders, arrogant, lazy and inflexible. With their powerful personality, they can cut short the hairs, every look will go with them.

Leo - the Simha


8.  Virgo – the Kanya (Aug 22- Sept 22)

Intellectual and Perfectionists, these are the words that describe virgos. With their so perfect personality, the above-the-shoulder bob will surely add to their smart and chic look.

shoulder bob hairstyle


9. Libra – the Tula (Sep 22- Oct 23)

They are all about justice, charismatic and soft-spoken people. A medium-length blunt hair look will sure go with their romantic personality.

Libra - the Tula


10. Scorpio – the Vrishchik (Oct 23- Nov 21)

They are known to be intense romantic partners. They are mysterious and pretty moody. So why to cut hairs at all, let them grow all to their length. 😉

Scorpio - the Vrishchik


11. Sagittarius – the Dhanu (Nov 21- Dec 21)

They have a great sense of humor and are versatile. They can shave hairs from both the sides and keep long from the top.

Sagittarius - the Dhanu


12. Capricorn – the Makar (Dec 21- Jan 19)

They are aggressively motivated towards their goals and experimenting in nature. Why not experiment with a new asymmetrical look.

Capricorn - the Makar