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  • Albert

    17 Lesser Known Facts About Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein, the name certainly rings a bell in the heads of all those who hear it. If a person’s IQ level is even slightly equal to or greater than the IQ level of Einstein, he instantly becomes the breaking news. That’s the standard that this genius has set. Having contributed immensely to the world of […]

  • 20 Untold Facts About J.Jayalalithaa

    J.Jayalalithaa was a former actress, and late chief minister of Tamilnadu. She was fondly called by the people of Tamilnadu as ‘Puratchi thalaivi Amma’. She dedicated her life in the welfare of the people of Tamilnadu. Coming up from a non political family background, what she has achieved in the field of politics is tremendous. She set […]

  • how to convert black money into white money

    Is Currency Ban a gamble or a planned strategy?

    On 22nd Nov morning when I opened Economic Times newspaper I saw an eye catching headline that read “Banning notes will not curb black money, says think tank that called for demonetization.” Anil Bokil is the mind who proposed the idea of demonetization to the Prime Minister Modi. Anil further adds “This is not what […]

  • adolf hitler facts

    17 Unknown Facts About Adolf Hitler That Will Shock You

    Adolf  Hitler was the leader of the national socialist German workers party commonly referred to as the Nazi party. He was the chancellor of Germany and dictator of Nazi Germany. He was a decorated veteran of World war one. He even got Iron Cross for his service in World War one for the Bavarian army […]

  • fthr

    21 Famous Rock Bands That Made World Revolve Around Them

    Rock music has a special place in the music industry. Soft music is the heart and soul of the music but when it comes to parties and celebrations everything fails. It is originated in America and gradually spread to the entire world. There have been a large number of bands that have existed since rock […]

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    12 Powerful Pictures Of World War I That Changed Everything

    The world war began almost 100 years ago and in many ways remains a defining conflict in the modern era.  The public outcry led to several deaths. It also gave way for the loss of property and men. It did not only worry people but shocked them from inside. Like a pebble can start a […]

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    20 Awesome Wears For Girls To Try In Winter Season

    As winter is approaching, we need to protect ourselves with woolen clothes. Winter clothes are usually made up of wool which provide us some warmth and protects us from decreasing temperature. There are different varieties of winter clothes especially for girls. Different types of winter clothes are available in different colors for girls and they […]

  • Close up of woman shushing


    There are certain things which girls hesitate to tell others. Not just because they do not want to share things with others, but because, they cannot be shared with others, especially with boys. What are the things that every girl hesitate to tell others? Why those things cannot be shared with everyone? These points are […]

  • Donald Trump And His Lavish Lifestyle

    Trump made it huge! Wealth is an exceptionally expansive word with various implications to various individuals. Numerous individuals feel that the measure of cash somebody has figures out whether they are affluent; though, numerous individuals feel what one has collected consistently, and how much achievement they have accomplished in their life decides it. Is cash […]

  • Glastonbury 2017: What You Need To Know About It?

     There are many festivals celebrated worldwide every year, one of them is the Glastonbury Festival. It is a festival of contemporary performing arts that is celebrated near a small village of England, Pilton. Glastonbury is the biggest Greenfield celebration on the planet and is currently touched around 175,000 people, requiring broad foundation regarding security, transport, […]

  • 21 Royal Couples That Stole Hearts Of The People Around The World

    Love bound them together! Royal families are amongst the most admired families in the world! They live lavishly and make a style statement wherever they go! Being it grand parties, public speaking, corporate, sports and cultural events! Although kings and rulers hails from ancient period, but still there are some families that are believed to […]