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  • gifts for your girlfriend


    Gifting since centuries has been a matter of great confusion and distress. Decoding what the other party may like is very draining at times. Getting a gift for your girlfriend is another level of stress. In the 21st century though, most girls are rather tech-savvy. Thus gifting a piece of wire and metal  every now […]

  • 20homer

    20 Most Famous Personalities of All Time

    Everyone in the world like to get inspired by someone. Mostly the inspiration or the idol is a successful personality who has done something great in his/her life. In the history, there have been thousand of innovations happened with the flow of time and behind every innovation there lies a personality who had given his life […]

  • osama bin laden

    23 Unknown Facts About Osama Bin Laden

    Osama bin laden was founder of al qeada and responsible for 9/11 attack. He was responsible for many mass destruction bomb attacks in Iran, USA and Afghanistan. He was Yemeni origin born in Saudi Arabia. He declared war on USA because he thought US is an anti Muslim country. The word jihad was made famous […]

  • 14

    18 Ways To Protect Yourself In A Situation Of Hurricane

    Hurricanes are among the most destructive forces on the earth. It refers to the enormous storms covering thousands of square kilometers. The winds are more than 74 mph shock roughly estimates to 119 kmph. When the weathermen tell you to be safe and take cover, the last thing you want to be worried about is […]

  • rothschild_family

    5 Mysterious Facts About The Rothschild’s Family

    The Rothschild family is a wealthy family basically from Frankfurt. It is known to be one of the richest empire of the world since 1760s. The family is said to have descendants who have established in parts of London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples. The Rothschild dynasty is known to possess the largest private fortune […]

  • 2

    17 Habits Of Highly Successful People

    Success never come to the ones who give up. To achieve success you need carry on what you need to do. Also, it is not just about hard work, it is about the commitment level. The successful people are soft at heart and stiff in their thoughts. You will find that all the successful people […]

  • 20

    25 Amazing Facts About Sherlock Holmes

    Have people ever imagined, a fictional character will get such a huge popularity? A fictional private detective, characterized by British author, SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, Sherlock Holmes is known as a detective, with extraordinary, logical reasoning and investigations.  He is a consulting detective. In 1887, Sherlock Holmes first appeared in the print A STUDY IN […]

  • 19

    19 Weird Habits Of Girls That Every Boy Hates

    Have you ever noticed girls? They don’t attract you only with their extraordinary beauty, but also with some of their weird habits. They justify their habits even though their habits may sound so weird. They behave completely different in home and in the outside world. They are completely different person while they are alone or […]

  • Nostradamus

    Nostradamus “A Man Who Envisioned The future”

    Michel de Nostredame alias Nostradamus (14 Dec 1503- 2 Jul 1566) was a French apothecary and medical college drop out. He got famous for his quatrains or prophecies; Most of his quatrains were match with current day events from Hitler to Diana’s death. More ready to come true in future.  His first publication Les propheties […]

  • Albert

    17 Lesser Known Facts About Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein, the name certainly rings a bell in the heads of all those who hear it. If a person’s IQ level is even slightly equal to or greater than the IQ level of Einstein, he instantly becomes the breaking news. That’s the standard that this genius has set. Having contributed immensely to the world of […]

  • 20 Untold Facts About J.Jayalalithaa

    J.Jayalalithaa was a former actress, and late chief minister of Tamilnadu. She was fondly called by the people of Tamilnadu as ‘Puratchi thalaivi Amma’. She dedicated her life in the welfare of the people of Tamilnadu. Coming up from a non political family background, what she has achieved in the field of politics is tremendous. She set […]

  • how to convert black money into white money

    Is Currency Ban a gamble or a planned strategy?

    On 22nd Nov morning when I opened Economic Times newspaper I saw an eye catching headline that read “Banning notes will not curb black money, says think tank that called for demonetization.” Anil Bokil is the mind who proposed the idea of demonetization to the Prime Minister Modi. Anil further adds “This is not what […]