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    10 Classic Epic Clothing Disasters

      1) Walmart? I Think it Meant “Fist Bump” 2) Trollx Fabric Designer Clothes…donot be embarrassed. 3) ” Don’t Be Happy Worry ” Thanks For The Advice Man 4)  Two Flamingos, One Vagina Typical Dilemma 5) I could not figure out why the hell i am getting so many weird looks since morning  until i noticed  […]

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    10 Advertisement Fails That will make your day

    Every company wants to grab the opportunity to present themselves as unique and memorable but they did not imagine the scenario which really made them unique and funny. 1 Failed Coca Cola Ad Placement 2)  What can more perfect CD placement 3)  Do not let them in … 4)  Got a Giant Thirst???? 5) Les […]

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    Cute Moments Captured That Will Simply Make You Smile

    Lets see those cute and adorable incidents that could strike smile to your face. 1. A toddler gently kissing a dolphin. :* via 2. A father dresses like a superhero for picking her angry daughter from school. Cute! via 3. This cute kid asks his seniors to email their doubts of organic chemistry. We all […]

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    22 Funniest Pranks Of All Time

    You don’t remember what the professor taught on whatever day but the pranks you played become memories that last a lifetime. It’s not just about the elaborate gags but playing small pranks can play wonders. You can play such pranks with little effort and reap a lot of fun. The people you play pranks on […]

  • 11 Sarcastic Remarks That Made People Say What The Fuck Is This

    Let’s have a look! Human race is blessed with amazing communication skills compared to other living beings. Communication is the best way to impart information to others by means of oral communication, written communication, gesture and expressions. There are various means of communication like radio, television, mobile-phones and many-more. It has not only made exchange […]

  • 17 Jokes About Hillary Clinton That Trump Supporters Are Enjoying

    Human race is blessed with humor and laughter as the two best gadgets that revive the mind and soul. Studies have shown that laughing at regular basis reduces risk of falling into depression by about 85%. Thus one must practice laughing at regular basis as an exercise to keep his mind and body performing at […]

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    25 Best Dog Memes Of All Time

    Via There are many things about our beloved dogs that we come across each day and one such un-ignorable thing is the memes, no doubt. Probably the most happening things around right now on the social media are memes about, perhaps each trivial thin! Then how come dogs can lag behind in terms of popularity. […]

  • 27 Best Moments From The Family Guy Cartoon Show

    Best moments! The awesome work of American-born filmmaker, Seth MacFarlane is animated TV series “Family Guy”. Besides film making, he is also good at acting and singing. His one of the best works is the comedy series, “Family Guy”. This series was released in year 1999 with around 270 episodes and 15 seasons. This comedy […]

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    22 Comedy Movies You Should Watch Before You Die

    via Movies are the most popular and the easiest way of entertainment but comedy takes them to a whole new level. There are multiple genres like romance, mystery, thriller, action etc. but comedy is out of the league. Who does not want to have a couple of laughs and giggles in the evening after a […]