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  • 22 Weird Facts About Marriage That Will Make You Question Its Existence

    Amazing facts! Marriage is among-st the most beautiful relationship between two strangers who decides to walk together for the journey called life. It is more than relationship because it brings two families of different culture and sometimes different religion together, who thereafter shares a common culture, customs, rituals and tradition. The married couple takes over […]

  • 22 Quick Exercises To Make 6 Pack Abs In A Month

    Best exercises! It is a self-evident fact that anything that is pleasing, alluring and unique draws attention of millions. One of them is “health”. There is nothing more valuable than a good health. We quite often make resolution to ourselves that we will get into excellent physical condition and will take healthy diet when we […]

  • 27 Yoga Hacks That Only Smart People Know

    Make out best from your life! Sanskrit term “Yoga” has been taken from the ancient Indian mythology. It is believed that practicing “Yoga” not only makes one physically fit; It is equally good for mind and ensures better functioning of the inner organs likes lungs, heart, liver, kidney and the digestive system. In the current […]

  • cool hairstyle for younsters

    23 Cool Hairstyles For Youngsters

    via Men have become more creative and fashion forward. In the last decade there has been revolution in the way men groom their hair. Also, they are not limited to a single kind of haircut, style or the length. All men have become fashion forward. Everyone wants to look good today. The best examples of […]

  • A beautiful wall

    27 DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Wall

    Beautiful Walls! One of the best features of the rooms is its walls! One can enhance the aesthetic value of walls by decorating it with endless paintings, beautiful tiles, carved stones, engraved mirrors or even by wall stickers. A beautiful wall describes about the nature of the person who lives there (i.e. his likes, passion, […]

  • british tea

    When Britain Fell in Love With Tea?

    Britain consumes over 60 billion cups of tea every year. On an average, this is 900 cups per year for every man. Whether they take it with lemon, milk, sugar or just plain, it is certain that the love of Britishers towards tea is unmatchable. Their love for tea began in the eighteenth century and […]

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    19 Amazing Ballet Dancing Photography Moments

    via Dance is an amazing way to express how you feel. The dance that comes from within amazes everyone. You tend to love the moment when you dance from your heart. There are many dance forms like hip-hop, contemporary, classical etc. Ballet is, however, very different from these. It originated in the courts of Italy […]



    Life is an opportunity that we as humans are fortunate to have. We should acknowledge the value of every single moment in life and cherish it completely. As quoted ‘A good beginning makes a good ending’, it is necessary that we start our day with full energy and enthusiasm. This would help us ending it […]