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    19 Weird Habits Of Girls That Every Boy Hates

    Have you ever noticed girls? They don’t attract you only with their extraordinary beauty, but also with some of their weird habits. They justify their habits even though their habits may sound so weird. They behave completely different in home and in the outside world. They are completely different person while they are alone or […]

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    12 DIY ways to wear scarfs

    Sacrf is a piece of cloth used by women to cover their neck, ears and waist-side to maintain the warmth in the body. The material used for scarfs in winter is mostly which could maintain hotness in body like wool. Scarfs could also be used in summer to cover the face from the direct effect […]

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    17 Ways To Cope With Breakup

    When you wake up at 2 am, with sweat beads dripping down your face, just because you saw him/her in your dream, it stops being a dream and turns into a nightmare. The pain will be too much to bear, and might rip you apart. There will be other sleepless nights, when you simply cannot […]

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    17 Great Reasons Why Relationship Fails

    The enlightened John Green said that life isn’t a wish granting factory. How right he was! Not all things happen like we want them to, and relationships are no exception. Once you get into a relationship, you think he is the one and that you are going to marry that person. What a wonderful feeling it […]

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    16 Daily Habits of Highly Productive People

    All of us exist, but what makes certain people stand out from the crowd and become successful? What is that special something that they have?  If one takes the time to observe such successful people, it would become obvious that they are used to certain habits which have made them the people that they are. […]

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    Little Changes To Make Your 2017 Better

    1. A ‘third space’ to make you happy via 2.Take 15 minutes at night to prepare for your morning via 3.Take time to do something for your loved ones. via 4. Change your bed sheets. via 5. Get a vision board. via 6. Do something that makes you smile. via 7. Give time to yourself […]

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    New Year Resolutions That will make your Year Better

    New Year is arriving and you want to start this 2017 with a bang, then we have all the ideas to give you a fresh start. Do not worry if you have headache following those boring New Year resolutions. We have some amazing ideas which will blow your mind to make your Year better. Below […]

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    Why People Dip Biscuit In The Tea Before Eating It?

    via Tea is a universal drink and biscuit is a go to snack. The biscuit and tea makes refreshing combination for snacks. This is a pairing made in an eating heaven. Both are incomplete without each other. It’s like bread and jam or beer and ‘chana’. You can’t enjoy your tea without biscuits. Some people […]

  • What Is The Significance Of Mehendi In The Marriages ?

    What Is The Significance Of Mehendi In The Marriages ?

    ROLE OF MEHENDI IN INDIAN MARRIAGES MEHENDI is a paste that is obtained from henna plant, and is made into cones for applying it in hands. It has been a traditional practice in our country and is especially applied to the brides during their marriage ceremony. Not a single marriage, would be complete, without a […]

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    23 Classic Arabic Mehendi Styles To Apply In Coming Marriage Season

    MEHENDI STYLES TO ROCK THIS MARRIAGE SEASON Marriage season has started, and many girls will be busy in their shopping for dress, ornaments, and other essentials. But, extraordinary presence will not be complete, without your full dressing. Why should only the bride, apply mehendi?  Girls attending the functions can also rock their presence with their […]

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    20 Awesome Wears For Girls To Try In Winter Season

    As winter is approaching, we need to protect ourselves with woolen clothes. Winter clothes are usually made up of wool which provide us some warmth and protects us from decreasing temperature. There are different varieties of winter clothes especially for girls. Different types of winter clothes are available in different colors for girls and they […]

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    There are certain things which girls hesitate to tell others. Not just because they do not want to share things with others, but because, they cannot be shared with others, especially with boys. What are the things that every girl hesitate to tell others? Why those things cannot be shared with everyone? These points are […]

  • Glastonbury 2017: What You Need To Know About It?

     There are many festivals celebrated worldwide every year, one of them is the Glastonbury Festival. It is a festival of contemporary performing arts that is celebrated near a small village of England, Pilton. Glastonbury is the biggest Greenfield celebration on the planet and is currently touched around 175,000 people, requiring broad foundation regarding security, transport, […]