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  • couple laughing

    A Photographer Captures Intimate Moments Between Couples & The Results Are Beyond Beautiful

    Natalia Mindru, a photographer from Bucharest is famous for documenting lovers paradise in her photo shoot.  She has traveled to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, England, Hungary, Portugal, Germany in the search for love birds or say couples. So lets look at her classic photo collection ” URBAN Love Stories” that captures raw feelings and emotions […]

  • beauty products on amazon

    23 Amazing Beauty Products on Amazon That Every Girl Should Try

    Beauty has been and always will be one of the primary concerns in every girls life. Thus the need for effective, genuine and trustworthy beauty products is the need of the hour. Amazon India luckily has all the products that a girl needs and desires for the most. Be it everyday care routine kits or […]

  • amazon baby products

    21 Baby Products New Parents Can Order On Amazon

    As babies… well, we can’t remember what we did. But, looking around you can see that these little humans can be little hard to take care of. So, obviously as a Parent, one might need products and other items that’d be useful in taking care of the babies. This might give the new parents some […]

  • gifts for your girlfriend


    Gifting since centuries has been a matter of great confusion and distress. Decoding what the other party may like is very draining at times. Getting a gift for your girlfriend is another level of stress. In the 21st century though, most girls are rather tech-savvy. Thus gifting a piece of wire and metal  every now […]

  • pillow1

    Know How Your Pillow Cover Is Harming You ?

    Pillow covers, talking about them we usually think of their colors and prints on them. Pillow covers gives you a feel of dizziness. But one can never think of any bad effect from them. Yet its true that they can cause a great harm when not taken precautions. Lets check their harmful effects. 1. Sleeping over […]

  • fthr

    21 Embarrassing Things Only A Girl Deal With Everyday

    We call ourselves a developing society and a socially forward society. But we fail to live up to it. We are a mentally forward society just in paper but when it comes to the real life situations, we back off. This is what most of the people in our society do. We have mentality that […]

  • Two beach chairs on the tropical sand beach

    20 Things To Do Before Going For A Vacation

    The world has become a busy place. We don’t get a chance to enjoy as we are stuck in our daily chores and those nine to five jobs. Everything seems to be monotonous. But you need break the monotony. Living with no fun is no living. There are other things for vacation preparation  other than […]

  • beautiful-candles-for-different-wedding

    21 Beautiful Candles From Around The World

    Candles just a few inches in size but brings many memories in people. For some it brings their current cut events, for some it is their birthday cake and for special some their first candle light at honeymoon. Every time we see a candle in  different angle. The main purpose of candle is giving light […]

  • motivate

    12 Amazing Ways To Motivate Yourself

    Motivation is reason to do the desired thing. Motivation is a combination developing confidence, staying focused and maintaining direction to achieve a goal. It is boosting oneself and thinking positive to get the desired results. One could get motivated only for the things which they want from heart and mind. To achieve anything which is […]

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    17 Habits Of Highly Successful People

    Success never come to the ones who give up. To achieve success you need carry on what you need to do. Also, it is not just about hard work, it is about the commitment level. The successful people are soft at heart and stiff in their thoughts. You will find that all the successful people […]