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  • Lovely pink dress


    Not only with dresses, but also in nature, girls do love pink a lot. What has made the color so attractive? If the color is so attractive, then why boys are not attracted towards it? Is there any scientific reason behind it? Why is the color liked very much by the girls? Why do they […]

  • scraf ways

    12 DIY ways to wear scarfs

    Sacrf is a piece of cloth used by women to cover their neck, ears and waist-side to maintain the warmth in the body. The material used for scarfs in winter is mostly which could maintain hotness in body like wool. Scarfs could also be used in summer to cover the face from the direct effect […]

  • wedding dress

    What To Wear In Weddings In Winter Season

    “What’s the one word that makes you want to shriek in happiness?” Others: “Love” People like me: “Weddings!!!!!” Weddings are amaaaaazziiiingggg and don’t we all love them? Giving girls a reason to doll themselves up, wedding seasons are something girls eagerly wait for. Summer weddings are amazing, for you can look dashing in any dress […]

  • white

    The Puppeters Captured Youth’s Feelings on Their T-shirts.

    “The Puppeters” offers designer tees focusing on India’s Youth. India’s designer brand, The Puppeters, is a brand focused on India’s Youth culture. They make cool and casual tees for India’s youngest growing segment, the youngsters. They love to dig the surroundings and come up with vibrant and interesting concept to capture the youth’s imagination. The […]

  • Paris Hilton

    19 Secrets We Bet You Did Not Know Paris Hilton

    Unknown facts about the American Star PARIS HILTON Paris Whitney Hilton, born on February 17, 1981, is an American multi-talented person, who has many faces such as a businesswoman, a socialist, a television personality, an actress, a singer, DJ and a hot model. She was born in New York city, and later she moved to […]

  • Kristen Stewart

    29 Stunning Photos Of Kristen Stewart

    Best of Kristen Stewart! This American-born 26 years old actress hails from a business family. She made her debut into film industry at a young age of 9. She initially played minor roles and gained great popularity from her work in one of the biggest hits of 1990’s “The Panic Room”. Her work was appreciated […]

  • cool hairstyle for younsters

    23 Cool Hairstyles For Youngsters

    via Men have become more creative and fashion forward. In the last decade there has been revolution in the way men groom their hair. Also, they are not limited to a single kind of haircut, style or the length. All men have become fashion forward. Everyone wants to look good today. The best examples of […]

  • Savvy Shields, Arkansas, Miss America, Finalist

    16 Captivating Moments Of Miss America 2017

    Alluring Beauties ‖ Miss America 2017 Shrewd Shields, an undergrad from Arkansas, won the yearly Miss America exhibition on September 11, 2016. Subsequent to inspiring judges with a jazz move routine and her response to an inquiry regarding her thought on presidential applicant Hillary Clinton. Shields, a local of Fayetteville and undergraduate at the University […]

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    Korean wedding couple dress

    28 Most Stunning Celebrity Wedding Dresses Of All Time

    There are 28 different couple dresses for wedding with different combination of colors, that any couple will try on their marriage occasion. Indian Rajasthani Couple Wedding Dresses The traditional wedding outfit for a Rajasthani bride is Lahanga Choli. These are usually red in color but varies in colours such as orange, yellow, pink or mix […]

  • wedding dresses

    15 Most Stunning Celebrity Wedding Dresses For Soon To Be Brides

    Some of the most beautiful brides dress that will restore your faith in the marriage. 1.Fairy gown via 2.The lovely pink chiffon dress with a long ribbon sash via 3.One mesmerizing rose gown with pearl details. via 4.The Sleeve less long chiffon dress  with a romantic texture via 5.The periwinkle gown with an elaborate lace bodice and a […]