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  • management books

    10 Best Management Books Of All Time

    Management books are are used to understand and learn various tips and tricks required to manage various aspects of the work life. These books contain the effective practical theories of management and the experiences shared by the veterans. They teach management students about the leadership and the business relationships. They broaden the knowledge of the […]

  • blue ocean strategy

    Blue Ocean Strategy : Explained in Layman’s Language

    “Blue ocean strategy challenges companies to break out of the red ocean of bloody competition by creating uncontested market space that makes the competition irrelevant.” – W. Chan Kim  Why few companies are highly profitable and others do not survive? Why companies create new markets and innovate? Why many of them compete for same marketplace but […]

  • what is blogging

    What is blogging and the role it plays in reaching the target audience?

    This article is originally published on Linkedin by Dushyant Sethiya. Blogging is the new buzzword in the internet economy and in business dictionary. Every entrepreneur is competing with other entrepreneur to get a piece of attention in the overcrowded world of competition.  Suddenly the digital marketplace has become the new “P” of marketing mix where absence […]

  • Explained with the help of Technology adoption life-cycle and crossing the chasm theory.

    How companies convince people to buy and adopt products?

    This article is originally published on Everyday a new product is launched and competition to reach customers increase. Did you ever think that each customer is different and has different preference? How the product reaches to the customer? It is not a straight science as it appears because different customer segments need different strategies. […]

  • why personal branding is important


    PERSONAL BRANDING is a term coined by Tom Peters, management guru and author, in his breakthrough article “ A Brand Called You” which was published in the Fast Company (1997). Branding is commonly associated with companies but in the present scenarios it is used with people too. No doubt the time is changing rapidly with […]

  • entrepreneurship

    Is Entrepreneurship Worth Pursuing?

    Call them a rookie or novice who are planning to plunge into this messy yet glamorous world of power, position and money. They have many doubts and questions for instance, Is entrepreneurship worth pursuing? Is it a right career move? What is the opportunity cost? Is entrepreneurship for me? So what is it exactly? Some […]

  • what is story telling art?

    Why Entrepreneurs Must Learn The Art Of Story-Telling?

    In “the power of storytelling by Andrea Gibbs (TEDxPerth)” the narrator explains that story helps to connect with people, share passion, hardships, grief, joy, embarrassment, and emotion. Story has power to transfer feelings and emotions to anyone and you can easily connect with people if you know how to tell a good story. What is […]

  • distribute11 influencer marketing india

    Micro-influencers: The emerging niche in the influencer marketing landscape

    In the study done by Thomson concluded that influencer marketing is the fastest way to acquire customer. Seth Godin, marketing guru and author of “Permission Marketing” has revealed why people are getting annoyed by interruption marketing and how future of marketing is permission marketing.  “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, […]

  • 5 Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

    5 Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

    “All the great speakers were bad speakers at first “ – Ralph Waldo Emerson Don’t you want to know how famous public speakers Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill become good at the art of public speaking?  But remember none of them were superheroes with magical powers. So what makes them different from rest […]

  • 5 Steps To Create Your Startup Brand

    5 Steps To Create Your Startup Brand

    This article is originally published on Distribute11 Blog. Neil Blumenthal, Co-founder of Warby Parker, described branding as “a reason to exist, a vision for the future in this world and a story and one that resonates with other humans”. While Drew Boyle defined Brand as “a promise you make to consumers when they do business […]

  • how to market your business

    4 Ways To Market Your Startup For Free

    Are you an entrepreneur or a startup? Are you looking for cost effective mostly free ways to market your product/service? Then you are at the right place. So “What is marketing?”. In the “ Marketing Fundamentals” course by Drew Boyd, marketing is defined  as “ acquiring and retaining customers”. Marketing is further explained by Philip […]

  • how to become an effective networker

    4 Steps To Become An Effective Networker

    Dale Carnegie once said ” You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”  So if you are a good networker you can fasten your way to reach people to promote yourself and your business. […]