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  • Arabic designs

    23 Classic Arabic Mehendi Styles To Apply In Coming Marriage Season

    MEHENDI STYLES TO ROCK THIS MARRIAGE SEASON Marriage season has started, and many girls will be busy in their shopping for dress, ornaments, and other essentials. But, extraordinary presence will not be complete, without your full dressing. Why should only the bride, apply mehendi?  Girls attending the functions can also rock their presence with their […]

  • cool hairstyle for younsters

    23 Cool Hairstyles For Youngsters

    via Men have become more creative and fashion forward. In the last decade there has been revolution in the way men groom their hair. Also, they are not limited to a single kind of haircut, style or the length. All men have become fashion forward. Everyone wants to look good today. The best examples of […]

  • A beautiful wall

    27 DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Wall

    Beautiful Walls! One of the best features of the rooms is its walls! One can enhance the aesthetic value of walls by decorating it with endless paintings, beautiful tiles, carved stones, engraved mirrors or even by wall stickers. A beautiful wall describes about the nature of the person who lives there (i.e. his likes, passion, […]



    Life is an opportunity that we as humans are fortunate to have. We should acknowledge the value of every single moment in life and cherish it completely. As quoted ‘A good beginning makes a good ending’, it is necessary that we start our day with full energy and enthusiasm. This would help us ending it […]

  • 22 DIY Ways To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level

    22 DIY Ways To Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level

    via If you’re a normal human being that has enough leisure time, you probably spend it in your bedroom. We literally spend hours and hours each day and night in our room, sleeping or reading in bed, or just casually spending time. Naturally, you must want your bedroom to be fun or fancy, creative or […]

  • 22

    27 DIY Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom

    Since the evolution of mankind there has been very less evolution to the bathrooms we have in our homes. The times are changing. Use every simple and exotic thing you can in your bathroom to make it look perfect. Find some inspiration and bend the rules for a perfect bathroom. Add fragrance and you will […]

  • flower bouquet

    17 Creative Ways To Make Flowers From Newspaper

    Amazing art-work! Ever wondered what can be another use of old newspapers. We all agree that “today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s waste paper”. But, that’s not true anymore. Now, old newspaper can be used to make one of the nature’s best artwork which is a “flower”. Flower is the finest creation of earth that adds beauty […]

  • girly hairstyle

    Classic Hairstyles That Match Your Zodiac Sign

    People do love to read the horoscopes of their zodiac signs to know what is going to happen in their day and near future. They find it interesting to see people of same zodiac signs and relates with them. Some people even see Zodiac signs which will be compatible with their own zodiac signs. People […]

  • 19 Do It Yourself Ways To Make Jewelry From Recycled Stuff

    19 Do It Yourself Ways To Make Jewelry From Recycled Stuff

    Make ornaments from recycled goods. Breathe life into them. There is no better way than to recycle the goods. You can use scraps, bits of pieces, papers, leftover goods, unused goods and everything else you can think of. Get idea from anywhere and everywhere. There’s only a need of bit of inspiration. Simple, beautiful, light […]

  • garden12

    12 Do-it-Yourself Ideas To Transform Your Garden Into Paradise

    Backyards is a place in one’s home to relax and have fun with siblings, family and friends. The garden area where you want to spend sometime alone after hectic schedule or have a cup of coffee with a book to read. This space must not occupied with a lot of stuffs, but yes it can […]

  • ways to decorate your home

    27 Creative Ways To Remodel Your Home

    Humans from a long time are living in a monotonic manner, not giving a change to the way they live. These consistent lifestyle does not allow them to progress in personal and professional lives. People from every society, culture or region need to reform their lifestyle so as to have some fresh breathe in their […]