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    Most Shocking Moments World Witnessed On Television

    Television is most popular media which is watched all over the world. The most shocking moments in the world history is witnessed on the television. There are many live channels which show what is happening in the world. And there happened many incidents live on the television which turned into accidents. And these were some […]

  • 17 Weird Things To Do On Halloween Party

    Beware of Ghosts! Halloween is a festival celebrated in various nations on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian dining experience of All Hallows’ Day. It starts the three-day recognition of All hallow tide, the time in the ceremonial year committed to remembering  the one who is dead, holy people, saints, and all the […]

  • James Bond Now Endorses Pan Bahar

    Class meets style! When one thinks that he has seen everything, life gives him the greatest stun that makes him hop off the bed, take a firearm and shoot oneself. As though any semblance of Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan and Priyanka Chopra weren’t sufficient to support the masala brands, this specific brand called ‘Pan Bahar’ […]

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    25 Best Dog Memes Of All Time

    Via There are many things about our beloved dogs that we come across each day and one such un-ignorable thing is the memes, no doubt. Probably the most happening things around right now on the social media are memes about, perhaps each trivial thin! Then how come dogs can lag behind in terms of popularity. […]

  • 21 Royal Couples That Stole Hearts Of The People Around The World

    Love bound them together! Royal families are amongst the most admired families in the world! They live lavishly and make a style statement wherever they go! Being it grand parties, public speaking, corporate, sports and cultural events! Although kings and rulers hails from ancient period, but still there are some families that are believed to […]

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    17 Funny GIFs That Redefines Laugh

    via GIF basically means Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is a bitmap image format developed by US based software writer Steve Wilhite. It was developed in 1987 and had been making the world go crazy since. We live in an era we have everything to have fun and pass time. GIFs and videos are amazing ways […]

  • 24 Best Scenes From “The Originals” Vampire Tv Series

    Vampire Insights! The great work of renowned American TV series producer Julie Plec is “The Originals”. This popular TV series is an extension of “Vampire Diaries” which was produced by Julie Plec along with American script-writer Kelvin Williamson. Since 2013, this TV series has become very popular among youngsters worldwide. It has successfully released about […]

  • 17 Things To Know About Autumnal Equinox

    17 Things To Know About Autumnal Equinox

    via The first day of the fall is renowned as “ Autumnal Equinox”. This time it was on Thursday, 22nd September. Technically speaking, the day and the night are of same duration on the day of Autumnal Equinox. This officially marks the beginning of fall. Equinoxes are of two types, one falls in the summers […]