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  • Paris Hilton

    19 Secrets We Bet You Did Not Know Paris Hilton

    Unknown facts about the American Star PARIS HILTON Paris Whitney Hilton, born on February 17, 1981, is an American multi-talented person, who has many faces such as a businesswoman, a socialist, a television personality, an actress, a singer, DJ and a hot model. She was born in New York city, and later she moved to […]

  • James Bond Now Endorses Pan Bahar

    Class meets style! When one thinks that he has seen everything, life gives him the greatest stun that makes him hop off the bed, take a firearm and shoot oneself. As though any semblance of Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan and Priyanka Chopra weren’t sufficient to support the masala brands, this specific brand called ‘Pan Bahar’ […]

  • 9 Facts You Did Not Know About Mia Goth

    Insights! Many of you must have watched “Nymphomaniac” one of the top rated erotic-drama film. It’s all about a girl named Joe gets annoyed with Seligman, blaming him for ignoring the seriousness of her lost sexuality to concentrate on the figurative before acknowledging he can’t identify with her stories. He goes ahead to affirm his […]

  • Kristen Stewart

    29 Stunning Photos Of Kristen Stewart

    Best of Kristen Stewart! This American-born 26 years old actress hails from a business family. She made her debut into film industry at a young age of 9. She initially played minor roles and gained great popularity from her work in one of the biggest hits of 1990’s “The Panic Room”. Her work was appreciated […]

  • vampire pics

    26 Cool Pics of Elijah Mikaelson That Can Make Vampire Lovers Go Crazy

    No one makes an entry like ‘The Originals’ Elijah Mikaelson. He is stupendous. From the first moment Daniel Gillies(Elijah) appeared, everyone knew the something wonderful was coming their way. Impeccably dressed in suit, Elijah commands a whole lot of attention. He is lethal and also well mannered. Elijah starts as an antagonist initially but turns […]

  • 24 Best Scenes From “The Originals” Vampire Tv Series

    Vampire Insights! The great work of renowned American TV series producer Julie Plec is “The Originals”. This popular TV series is an extension of “Vampire Diaries” which was produced by Julie Plec along with American script-writer Kelvin Williamson. Since 2013, this TV series has become very popular among youngsters worldwide. It has successfully released about […]

  • emmy awards 2016

    25 Best Moments Of Emmy Awards 2016

    The Sunday eve was truly colourful and fun of big wins and memorable moments. Game of Thrones smashing records and Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue were the highlights. Emmy has always been about glamour, records and surprises. Sunday was no different. Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on Donald Trump was epic. However, the 68th annual Emmy Awards threw up […]

  • supermodel, alluring

    22 Awesome Photos Of Adriana Lima

    Best of Adriana Lima! Adriana Lima is a big name in the modeling industry. This 35 years old model hails from Brazil. An interesting thing about Adriana is that modeling was not a cup of tea for her though she won many beauty pageants in higher school days. She admits that her entry into the […]