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    Is Michelle Obama A Man? The Question Is Going Viral Over Internet

    via Michelle LaVaughn Obama is the first lady of the US. She seems to be an inspirational figure. She has a beautiful black American body. She is uniquely wonderful. She is a writer, lawyer and the first lady of the United States Of America. She met the current president, Barack Obama during her early career […]

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    25 Things That Will Make You Feel Old

    via You only get old as time goes by? Not necessarily. There are certain things other than age that make you feel older. The things of the past can be among them. They will make you believe that you are aging. Movies you loved, artists you adored, toys you once owned, they can tell you […]

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    17 Funny GIFs That Redefines Laugh

    via GIF basically means Graphics Interchange Format. GIF is a bitmap image format developed by US based software writer Steve Wilhite. It was developed in 1987 and had been making the world go crazy since. We live in an era we have everything to have fun and pass time. GIFs and videos are amazing ways […]

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    12 KTM Bike Accessories For Your Bike To Look Great

    KTM-Sports motorcycle AG is an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer owned by CROSS Industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited. The bike company is very famous for its two-stroke and four-stroke off-road motorcycles. For every bike lover it’s a dream to own a KTM bike. The company’s foundation lies  as early as in the year of 1934. KTM […]

  • circa 1870: The 100-foot brig Mary Celeste, which set sail from New York in November 1872 with a crew of ten. She was found drifting a month later, with no trace of anyone on board, and the mystery of their disappearance has never been solved. A wood engraving by Rudolph Ruzicaka. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

    20 Unsolved Mysteries Of Bermuda Triangle

    via There are many unsolved mysteries in life, science, technology and research. However, we have come a long way in all of these fields but if there is real mystery that is yet to be solved, it is the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. The instruments go haywire and numerous ships have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. […]

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    18 Awesome Things To Know About Apple Watch Series 2

    Apple Watch Series 2 and WatchOS 3 is a match made in Apple R&D labs but is no less than one made in wearable heaven. They work perfectly with each other. Apple Watch Series 2 is the next big thing. It’s wearable. It’s fast. It’s a fitness tracker. It’s full of new features. It’s full […]

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    15 Best Scenes From The “Narcos” American TV Series

    Narcos: Ambitious Project for Netflix The new arrangement “Narcos,” made by Chris Brancato, Eric Newman and Carlo Bernard, speaks an entirely goal-oriented stride for Netflix. Set more than quite a while in the 1970s and ’80s theme, the show matches the tale of Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), an intense and fanatical DEA operator, and infamous Drug […]

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    17 Creative Ways For Home Decor Using Old Furniture

    Are you planning to throw your furniture because it has outlived? Wait. Think over it again. You might have to change your thought after seeing the pictures and reading this piece of writing below. It will be better for you to reuse and recycle the old furniture lying in your house. You can recycle your […]

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    16 Awesome Things You Need To Know About IPhone 7

    It’s September again and it’s the iPhone season again. Amid speculations, Apple Inc. finally launched its much awaited flagships the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus in the Apple event held on September 7. The tech enthusiasts were going mad over the pre-release speculations and it all came to rest on 7th of September. […]

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    The Burning Case of Micro-finance

    A burning matchstick having fire can cause havoc if does not handled properly. Death toll rises to 80 and claimed to be increasing sharply due to the suicidal incident of debt ridden customers of microfinance which is a lending hand to poor. Some people are selling their cows or buffalos, which they have bought for earning […]

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    Women Empowerment: The other side of Microfinance

    A spark of Micro-finance was ignited in the heart of the Nobel laureate Mohd. Yunus, founder of ‘Grameen Bank (a leading and renowned MFI in the world)’, when encountered the debt problem of 42 poor women who continuously borrows money on usurious rate of interest from regional moneylenders. To repay their debts and rescue them […]