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  • pets25

    Funny Pics Showing Computer Grabs By Pets

    When no one is there for you, you have your pets sitting beside you. One can atleast spend time after back from work, rather than working at home even. If you don’t give them time, that’s what they do to get your attention. Gotta look at those catchy pictures of your pets, while you work […]

  • sanke

    10 Beautiful Snakes On The Planet Earth

    Snakes are the carnivorous reptiles which are elongated, legless and can be distinguished from the lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears. There are approximately 20 families recognized, comprising about 500 genera and 3400 species. They vary in size from 10.4 cm in length to 6. 95 meters. They are said to evolve […]

  • Adopt a Pet

    10 Points To Consider When You Are Planning To Adopt A Pet

    Pet is a human companion kept especially for their company and protection, and not for working or livestock. Pets provide physical as well as emotional strength. In their company humans do not feel alone, especially the elderly people who have less social interaction. Pets are vaccinated regularly so that their bacteria does not effect humans. […]

  • dog breeding

    16 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World

    Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you a dog. And aren’t dog an another synonym for happiness. Dog is the most loyal and compassionate friend you can find in this indifferent and ostentatious world. They teach us how to be content with little things in life. They give immense joy to the house […]

  • Why Do Dog Run Behind Cars?

    Why Do Dogs Run Behind Cars?

    Dog can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. They are among very few domestic animals which are truth-worthy.  Everyone loves to have a dog around them. But there is one time when everyone hates a dog. A dog lover suddenly becomes a dog hater when it happens. This situation is when a dog […]

  • Why Only Dog Is Most Trusted Friend Of Human?

    Top reasons! Dog is one of the best pets one can have. Besides being cute, it is known for the quality of being loyal in the entire animal kingdom. Another thing that makes it an amazing creature is that it is a friendly creature and is as active as a gazelle. A well trained dog […]

  • birds pet

    23 Pets You Want To Adopt At Every Cost

    Pets are humans best friends. They are loyal to humans without demanding anything in return. Some people like cats and dogs while others like snakes and scorpions. Those who like snakes and scorpions should definitely go to a fear factor. Anyway, let’s not get there. The diverse categories of pets come with diverse prices too. […]

  • dog2

    100 Years Of Dogs Breeding, What Changed?

    This article is all about the favorite pet of all times, the dogs.They are known to be the best friend of humans. Human connects with them quickly and sentimentally. via But what human have done to these breeds is not a human act. They have changed a lot over a period of 100 years with […]

  • dog in the car

    13 Dogs That Are The Happiest They Could Ever Be

    Dogs are the most loving pet ever considered. Happiness for dogs can be as simple as playing fetch with their owner or chowing down a bone can bring a big ol’ doggy smile to any pooch’s face. Happiness is just a state of being for our favorite four-legged friends. It’s true that pets do have emotions […]

  • dog grooming style

    5 Shocking Looks Of The Pets After Going Through Grooming Sessions

    Everyone wants his/her pet to be groomed the best way. And everyone wants that his/her pet should look best from the other pets.Well, it’s good to take your pet out for grooming sessions and watch your pet becoming beautiful but in the process of pampering, some groomers forget to follow some basics and change the look […]

  • dog with a child

    Why Dogs Are The Greatest Friends You Could Ever Have

    Best friends exists in many shapes and sizes. Animals have often been so close to many people. Dogs have always been so kind and loyal to the humans, sometimes even more loyal than humans. The below pictures depicts how dogs have proved to be the human’s greatest friend. They greet you in the morning with […]

  • bird10

    14 Reasons for considering Birds as Bandits

    14 Reasons for considering Birds as BanditsBirds..yes they are lovable pets. Yeah..they cheer you up. For Sure..they do sing songs. But once they decide to be on their own, they make your life miserable. You won’t believe..yes we do have exemplars to make you believe. Here are the instances which will make your world go […]

  • cute doggy

    The Most Serene Dog You Have Ever Known

    Usually dogs are most sporty animal. It is very rare to see their endurance. The excitement and the zealous nature of dog is very common and we can easily observe their perky nature in our day-to-day life. But this time we will show you the patience of a dog. This dog is unique from all […]