Bruised Up Pictures Of Indian Goddesses Have a Valid Point To Prove

It is shocking to see bruised images of Indian Goddess Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati

indian goddess saraswati bruised image


Everyday a new social campaign is launched to highlight the ongoing issues in our society. Someone is seriously advocating them through their remarkable efforts such as shown in these ads. But the question is whether it is enough to awaken the society in these manner? Do society has to change their way of thinking or  we are waiting for another story to happen.

Salute to the efforts of artist to depicting social evils in pictures.


bruised image of goodess laxmi

goddess durga bruised image

godess durga with lion


bruised image of goddess saraswati




beautiful goddess of wealth and money laxmi


lakshmi goddess with gold coins

goddess lakshmi sitting on a lotus

artists preparing bruised portrait of the goddess durga

indian goddess laxmi crying




shocking bruised image of goddess lakhsmi with gold coins

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