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    19 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    Hiring human resource managers receive an average of 75 CVs per position. So they don’t have the time or resources to review each one closely, and they only spend approximately six seconds on their initial “fit/no fit” decision .So you are in a need of attracting them with your cv only within 6 seconds .You […]

  • 25 Ready To Cook Meals To Prepare When You Are Alone At Home

    RECIPES THAT YOU CAN PREPARE WHEN YOU ARE AT HOME Imagine, you are alone at home. Your mother left you alone, making you feel that you miss her favorite recipes. And you are bored of the restaurant dishes, and you want to try out something new and simple. What would you do? You don’t have […]

  • Lovely pink dress


    Not only with dresses, but also in nature, girls do love pink a lot. What has made the color so attractive? If the color is so attractive, then why boys are not attracted towards it? Is there any scientific reason behind it? Why is the color liked very much by the girls? Why do they […]

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    20 Best Universities In The World Where Bright Mind Gets Education

    Students now a days strive for a seat in the best universities around the world, but not all students get an opportunity to study in such universities .Students should be aware of some top universities in the world and top 20 universities are listed below. Do not select an university just because your friends or […]

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    25 Amazing Facts About Sherlock Holmes

    Have people ever imagined, a fictional character will get such a huge popularity? A fictional private detective, characterized by British author, SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE, Sherlock Holmes is known as a detective, with extraordinary, logical reasoning and investigations.  He is a consulting detective. In 1887, Sherlock Holmes first appeared in the print A STUDY IN […]

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    19 Weird Habits Of Girls That Every Boy Hates

    Have you ever noticed girls? They don’t attract you only with their extraordinary beauty, but also with some of their weird habits. They justify their habits even though their habits may sound so weird. They behave completely different in home and in the outside world. They are completely different person while they are alone or […]

  • India v South Africa: Group B - 2011 ICC World Cup

    23 Lesser Known Facts About Sachin Tendulkar

    India is a land of cricket lovers, or you can say that it is a temple with cricket as a religion, and cricketers as gods. India has filled with fans for cricket. They don’t take cricket just as a sport, or as an entertainment. They view cricket, as a thing which makes our country proud. […]

  • What Is The Significance Of Mehendi In The Marriages ?

    What Is The Significance Of Mehendi In The Marriages ?

    ROLE OF MEHENDI IN INDIAN MARRIAGES MEHENDI is a paste that is obtained from henna plant, and is made into cones for applying it in hands. It has been a traditional practice in our country and is especially applied to the brides during their marriage ceremony. Not a single marriage, would be complete, without a […]

  • Paris Hilton

    19 Secrets We Bet You Did Not Know Paris Hilton

    Unknown facts about the American Star PARIS HILTON Paris Whitney Hilton, born on February 17, 1981, is an American multi-talented person, who has many faces such as a businesswoman, a socialist, a television personality, an actress, a singer, DJ and a hot model. She was born in New York city, and later she moved to […]

  • Michelle Obama

    23 Unknown Facts About Michelle Obama That People Are Googling Over Internet

    UNKNOWN AND INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT MICHELLE OBAMA Michelle Obama or Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, the first lady of the United States, was born on January 17, 1964, Chicago, Illinois. By profession, she is an American lawyer and writer. She is the wife of Barack Obama, current president of the United States. She is proud in […]

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    23 Classic Arabic Mehendi Styles To Apply In Coming Marriage Season

    MEHENDI STYLES TO ROCK THIS MARRIAGE SEASON Marriage season has started, and many girls will be busy in their shopping for dress, ornaments, and other essentials. But, extraordinary presence will not be complete, without your full dressing. Why should only the bride, apply mehendi?  Girls attending the functions can also rock their presence with their […]

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    20 Awesome Wears For Girls To Try In Winter Season

    As winter is approaching, we need to protect ourselves with woolen clothes. Winter clothes are usually made up of wool which provide us some warmth and protects us from decreasing temperature. There are different varieties of winter clothes especially for girls. Different types of winter clothes are available in different colors for girls and they […]

  • Close up of woman shushing


    There are certain things which girls hesitate to tell others. Not just because they do not want to share things with others, but because, they cannot be shared with others, especially with boys. What are the things that every girl hesitate to tell others? Why those things cannot be shared with everyone? These points are […]