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  • osama bin laden

    23 Unknown Facts About Osama Bin Laden

    Osama bin laden was founder of al qeada and responsible for 9/11 attack. He was responsible for many mass destruction bomb attacks in Iran, USA and Afghanistan. He was Yemeni origin born in Saudi Arabia. He declared war on USA because he thought US is an anti Muslim country. The word jihad was made famous […]

  • Lemon

    15 Benefits Of Eating Lemon

    Lemon, a true desi fruit because the origin of lemon is Assam (India). The King of citrus fruit. A fruit used globally for food and other medicinal purposes.  Lemon contains tons of nutritional values and vitamins. Lemon has vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Folate, Niacin thiamin , Capper , Zinc and magnesium.  […]

  • beautiful-candles-for-different-wedding

    21 Beautiful Candles From Around The World

    Candles just a few inches in size but brings many memories in people. For some it brings their current cut events, for some it is their birthday cake and for special some their first candle light at honeymoon. Every time we see a candle in  different angle. The main purpose of candle is giving light […]

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    23 Awesome Facts You Did not Know About SHAHRUKH KHAN

    Sharukh khan aka SRK  is an Indian artist ,TV presenter, movie producer, singer. He is the king of bollywood, Acted more than 80 films. Media acclaim his as the bollywood ka badsha . He is a pathan son of Meer Taj Mohammad khan ,a freedom fighter . His origin is Peshawar , Pakistan . he […]

  • Nostradamus

    Nostradamus “A Man Who Envisioned The future”

    Michel de Nostredame alias Nostradamus (14 Dec 1503- 2 Jul 1566) was a French apothecary and medical college drop out. He got famous for his quatrains or prophecies; Most of his quatrains were match with current day events from Hitler to Diana’s death. More ready to come true in future.  His first publication Les propheties […]

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    How to Make Veg Lasagna ?

    Ingredients for Veg. Lasagna : Lasanga sheet                   – 6 White sauce                                       – 1  cups. Grated Cheese (any verity, Parmesan recommended)             1 Cup Oil                                                           –  3 tablespoon Butter                                                   –   tablespoon Gralic                                                     – 6 cloves onion                                                    – 1 Mushroom                                         – 5 or 6 nos. Brinjal                                   – 1 Tomotas                                              -3 […]

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    How to Make Strawberry Breakfast Muffins?

    Ingredients: Maida(All purpose flour) – 1 cups Sugar –      cup Strawberries – 1 cup egg – 1 number baking powder – 1 teaspoon Salt      –                 1 teaspoon Edible oil (any) –       cup Cooking process #1. First take the maida or all purpose flour. Refine twice for reduce lumps in flour. This will help […]

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    15 Benefits of Green Tea Every Tea Drinker Should Know

    Green Tea is the healthiest drink on the planet. It is originated in the china. It is the source of antioxidants and nutrients to the body and due to which many health freaks changed their drink habit to Green tea. But modern clinical research states that green tea has no effect with human vitamin and mineral […]

  • footballers

    You Will Be Surprised To Know How Much Top Footballers Get Paid

    Football has became the most loved game around the globe. People are crazy about the game of football. It  became the most expensive game and their players earn billions every year. Football clubs have became sports power circles in the country. FIFA president election is no less than any presidential elections. As you already know […]

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    19 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Barcelona Football Club

    Futbol Club Barcelona commonly known as Barcelona football club which is a professional football club based in Barcelona,Spain. It is one of the oldest football club in the world founded in 1899. Barcelona is the most admired team in the world. The players of Barcelona won many awards. It has three FIFA Ballon d’Or awardees […]

  • 17 DIY Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Wants To Try

    17 DIY Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Wants To Try

    There are numerous beauty products and brands for girls, most of them are highly artificial and chemical products. They offer instant beauty but in the long run they ruin the skin. Now a day’s peopel know about the side effects of beauty products,  so it is a time to look for homemade natural beauty products. […]

  • Modi Government Scrapped Old Currency And Introduced 2000 Rupees Note In A Hurry

    Modi Government Scrapped Old Currency And Introduced 2000 Rupees Note In A Hurry

    Indian government has released 2000 rupee notes for public use on the night of Nov 8, 2016. Reserve Bank of India, lender of last resort and custodian of Indian currencies has issued Rs.2000 currency notes, the highest to come into circulation. The main purpose of issuing higher value currency is to counter the black money […]

  • cartoon characters

    21 Cartoon Characters That People Still Love

    Cartoons makes a dream world for kids. Our childhood definitely had a cartoon character we like to be transformed into it in reality one day. Even today many of our room walls have the scars of our yesterday cartoon hero’s poster. The advent of video was really a trend setter which actually made our cartoon […]

  • adolf hitler facts

    17 Unknown Facts About Adolf Hitler That Will Shock You

    Adolf  Hitler was the leader of the national socialist German workers party commonly referred to as the Nazi party. He was the chancellor of Germany and dictator of Nazi Germany. He was a decorated veteran of World war one. He even got Iron Cross for his service in World War one for the Bavarian army […]