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    The Puppeters Captured Youth’s Feelings on Their T-shirts.

    “The Puppeters” offers designer tees focusing on India’s Youth. India’s designer brand, The Puppeters, is a brand focused on India’s Youth culture. They make cool and casual tees for India’s youngest growing segment, the youngsters. They love to dig the surroundings and come up with vibrant and interesting concept to capture the youth’s imagination. The […]

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    GIFs That Captured FC Barcelona Win And Their Success

    Barcelona football club is no doubt their ups and downs…but when they win…oh man it is mind blowing …to see them. When you are a star and every light is damn on you via   Express your love infront of everyone …is some what charming….what will happen if you point finger to wrong person? via […]

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    10 Lesser Known Facts About FC Bracelona Club and Its History

    Interesting facts about FC Barcelona. Lets us know whether they are true or lie? Guess….     2.  Do you know the History of FC Barcelona?   3. Have you seen the FC Barcelona Documentary. If not try this one now to know your club from a microscope.     4.  Did you know about […]

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    5 Reasons Why Fans Love FC Barcelona

    You wanna know why people are crazy about Barcelona Football ? Oh Man.. read the article 1. Have you been to any Barcelona match? If not then go any and see how people from different race, caste, creed and status gather to celebrate their stars in the stadium.     via 2. Players likes Lionel Messi, Andres […]

  • 5 Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

    5 Ways To Master The Art Of Public Speaking

    “All the great speakers were bad speakers at first “ – Ralph Waldo Emerson Don’t you want to know how famous public speakers Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill become good at the art of public speaking?  But remember none of them were superheroes with magical powers. So what makes them different from rest […]

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    5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is The Future Of Marketing

    With growing acceptance of social media and internet in our daily lives, a new era of marketing has emerged which is “influencer marketing”. This trend has created various social media stars such as movie actor, actress, athlete, food blogger, youtuber etc. which have amassed huge fan following on their respective social media channels. For example,  […]

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    12 Most Amazing KTM Bikes Every Biker Should Know

    KTM-Sports motorcycle AG is an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer owned by CROSS Industries AG and Bajaj Auto Limited. The bike company is very famous for its two-stroke and four-stroke off-road motorcycles. For every bike lover it’s a dream to own a KTM bike. The company’s foundation lies  as early as in the year of 1934. KTM […]

  • Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

    5 Amazing Places on Earth to See before You Die

    Everyone has an ambition to visit and see amazing places on earth, but always has conundrum where to start from and how to pick best top 5 destinations. So, we have done your work easy by shortlisting 5 most admired sites to see before you die. So what are you waiting for just scroll down to know […]

  • Why do Chinese people bathe before going to bed?

    Why do Chinese people bathe before going to bed?

    Do you ever thought why Chinese prefer nightly shower ritual rather than of early morning. Here are few explanations: Chinese get work rush in the morning and think bathing is a time consuming activity. It is a cultural thing They tend to go to bed with cleanliness as whole day their body gets dirt and […]

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    Why Amazon is facing criticism from Indians with #‎BoycottAmazon‬

    This time Amazon is again in the news form customers criticism but from Indians especially Hindus community. Hindus are furious over the names and images of their God and Goddess when they find out what are getting sold under their deities’ name. via via via Twitter is filled with #boycottamazon hashtags and is trending. See […]

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    What are Self-Help Groups (SHGs) ?

    SHG is a group of women mainly 10-15 , work for a common objective such as sewing , grocery selling, fishing or by selling small home made products. Micro-finance helps these groups to get excess financial help in the form of small loans. via After the contribution of renowned Grameen Bank in the field of […]