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    A Photographer Captures Intimate Moments Between Couples & The Results Are Beyond Beautiful

    Natalia Mindru, a photographer from Bucharest is famous for documenting lovers paradise in her photo shoot.  She has traveled to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, England, Hungary, Portugal, Germany in the search for love birds or say couples. So lets look at her classic photo collection ” URBAN Love Stories” that captures raw feelings and emotions […]

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    If Your Partner Is One Of These Zodiac Signs, They’re Probably A Cheater

    Libra : These are flirt by nature and love to appreciate the beauty in the world. This makes them quite susceptible to cheat on their partner. 2. Cancer :Being the emotional ones, Cancers want more stability in their relationship. However if they don’t get stability from their partner, they will look elsewhere for it. 3. […]

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    10 Classic Epic Clothing Disasters

      1) Walmart? I Think it Meant “Fist Bump” 2) Trollx Fabric Designer Clothes…donot be embarrassed. 3) ” Don’t Be Happy Worry ” Thanks For The Advice Man 4)  Two Flamingos, One Vagina Typical Dilemma 5) I could not figure out why the hell i am getting so many weird looks since morning  until i noticed  […]

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    10 Advertisement Fails That will make your day

    Every company wants to grab the opportunity to present themselves as unique and memorable but they did not imagine the scenario which really made them unique and funny. 1 Failed Coca Cola Ad Placement 2)  What can more perfect CD placement 3)  Do not let them in … 4)  Got a Giant Thirst???? 5) Les […]

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    5 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

      Christmas is the most celebrated eve of Christians. It is celebrated on the 25th day of December. It is also popular among other religion as it is most celebrated holiday. The birth of the Jesus is commemorated as annual celebration, although the exact date of his birth is unknown but estimated between 7 and […]

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    Perfectly Timed Photos Which Can Make Anyone Laugh

    Do you ever wondered what makes a photo viral. It is the unusual timing and the picture’s scenario. It is an art to capture those moments which are normally elusive from the commoner’s eye. We have captured some of the amazing photography classics which will make you say Lady Gaga. 1. Some is desperate to […]

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    Should National Anthem Be Played in Cinema Hall or Not

    The above picture is apt for the topic “Should National Anthem Be Played in Cinema Hall or Not”. The picture shows how people are sitting in a cinema hall and they are being told to stand when the national anthem is being played. We can call cinema hall as a public place where what you […]

  • Mila Kunis

    Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses

    Hardest thing to do is to make a judgement about the most beautiful or hottest  women when each and everyone of them is ultimately beautiful in her own unique way.  Each year, we see new actresses joining in, each more beautiful then the last in this never-ending buffet of beauties.  Don’t worry, like every other article, which […]