9 Technology Trends That Are Changing The World


There was a time when no option was available except walking, to reach from one place to another. People used to sleep after sunset, because there wasn’t anything they could possibly do in the dark.

Then enter the Wheel. It helped people move more easily and quickly. Also, now they could carry enormous amounts of weight which was only a dream before its invention.

Another life changing technology was the invention of Artificial Light. Now, people could stay awake even after sunset. Which lead to an increase in productivity.

Fast-forward to the invention of a computer. This automated a few works that took many humans to do. Also, it drastically reduced the time it took to do those works. And that was the beginning of the boom of Technology that we see today.

The revolutionary idea to fit the large computer into more compact space triggered a chain-reaction, from which we now have a Desktop, Laptop, and a Mobile Phone, which can fit into your pockets. The most recent development in life changing technology is the invention of Smart-Watches and Smart Glasses, which you just wear and don’t even need to put into a pocket.

Technology is developing on a scale that we cannot even understand sometimes. So, here are few Technology Trends that might be changing the World as we are reading this:

1) 3D Printing: It is an invention that can give shape to an idea fairly quickly.


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It’d be a game changer in manufacturing industry. Products can be manufactured at cheaper rates, and faster than ever before. Ideas can be easily shared over long distances through 3D Images, which can be scanned and printed in the place of requirement.

2) Extended Reality: It refers to the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Where we can experience things virtually without being in the situation in real life.


The image shows the most practical application of AR. How much easier it’d be if we can see all the places in this way? You wouldn’t need to worry about not knowing things beforehand while travelling.

We can just live in one room, and have all the materialistic luxuries with an AR machine. It would be a lot economical and saves a lot of space by avoiding few unnecessary things that can happily exist in AR world.

3)  Virtual Reality can be used to train people for adventure sports and dangerous activities. Even Doctors can be trained if VR reaches a more developed stage.

New Age Cars:

There are two in this category.

(a) Electric Cars: The first electric car was made in the 80s. 1880s. Yes, that old. Yet, it was only recently that they are being mass-produced. As the batteries advanced, and concerns for environment grew, the Electric Cars are now widely praised, accepted, and made.3Source

As you might already know, Elon Musk made electric cars a trend by starting Tesla, an Electric Car Manufacturing Company. Though these existed from before, Elon Musk showed potential and also, revolutionized this Industry. Soon, almost all vehicles will be electric, or will be powered by a renewable energy.

(b) Autonomous Cars: Self-Driving Cars are already being tested. The progress they’re making is amazing. Now there are cars that can drive on their own, with less human intervention.self-driving-head-640x353Source 

Once fully developed, we would be just reaching destinations by just sitting and doing some other work (or) even sleeping in cars. It can help us reduce our tiredness, which would’ve been caused by driving too much.

At some point in future there would be very few vehicles/transportation systems that’d need any help from us.

Indoor Farming: Vertical Farming or Indoor Farming is a way of farming indoors, with controlled environment without sunlight or soil.4Source:

The crops are grown indoors, with artificial lighting and limited amount of water. By controlling the environment required for crops, they can produce throughout the year, without worrying about the seasonal changes.

Aerofarms is leading in Indoor Vertical Farming by innovating in the way these are produced. Before, hydroponics among other techniques was used, where there’s no soil or sunlight is required and the nutrients were sent to the crops through limited amounts of water. Aeroponics uses mist instead of water, thus, reducing the usage of water by a large margin.

As the population keeps increasing, lands will keep decreasing and there would be many people to feed. This is where Indoor farming can help us humans to survive with lesser resources.

Balloon Internet: It’s difficult for Internet to reach the remote and rural areas as the infrastructure installation might be a problem.5

 Project Loon is a Research and Development project by Google X (Now, X under Alphabet Inc.). They aim to provide internet access to remote and rural areas by launching the Balloon over the areas, and providing the network from the above.It should also help when natural calamities strike. Resulting in a lot of lives being saved more quickly via uninterrupted communication.

Genome Editing: Gene editing is genetic engineering where DNA is edited to a preferred choice.


This technology can be used to alter the DNA of humans to erase the Diseases from the Genes. Which will result in a disease free Human.Although it’s in nascent stage, there’s a chance that this will be changing the whole world once reached its potential.

Drone Technology: An unmanned flying vehicle or a Remote Controlled Drone has been the buzz lately.

It is predicted that in the near future, delivery of relatively small packages will be done via Pilotless Drones. It would be easier to reach few places, simultaneously saving a lot of time in commuting.

Wearable Technology: As evident from the name, it’s the tech we can wear. Google Glass and Smart-watches are great examples of that.

These is just the beginning, but now Technology is even being interwoven into Clothing. The invention of T-Shirts which display how you feel is, well, too far into future. But, it’s already here.

Artificial Intelligence: No list is complete without AI, if it’s about world changing technology.9

AI is equally praised and feared at the same time. The feats we can achieve with AI are unimaginable. Generally, it is when a machine can copy few of the behaviors of human brain, like learning and problem solving; it is referred to as Artificial Intelligence.

These are few technology trends that are changing the world. Almost all of these are in their nascent stages. So, expecting an absolute benefit should be postponed to the future. But, in the mean time, we can see the impact somewhere in the world.

Something so wonderful is unfolding, that we just have to sit and ponder over few things to truly grasp their impact