9 Facts You Did Not Know About Mia Goth

Some amazing facts about Mia ! Let’s have a look!


Many of you must have watched “Nymphomaniac” one of the top rated erotic-drama film. It’s all about a girl named Joe gets annoyed with Seligman, blaming him for ignoring the seriousness of her lost sexuality to concentrate on the figurative before acknowledging he can’t identify with her stories. He goes ahead to affirm his asexuality and virginity, however guarantees her his absence of inclination and “purity” makes him the best man to hear her out story. She gets to be propelled to let him know another divide of her life in the wake of seeing a Rublev-styled symbol of the Virgin Mary and a discourse about the contrasts between the Eastern Church and the Western Church. This girl who played the Joe’s character is Mia Goth, a British model who came into limelight not only because of her acting skills but also with her beauty.

Below are some amazing facts about her! Let’s have a look!

1. Native

Mia Goth was born in a small district of Central London, Southwark. Later, she moved to Brazil in her adolescence, where she was raised by her Brazilian mother.

moved, rai


2. Modeling

At a young age of 12, she came back to settle in London, and at 13 was discovered by a modeling agency of London, Storm Model Management.

young, model


3. Family Relation with films!

Very few people are aware of the fact that Mia Goth is the grand-daughter of renowned Brazilian actress, Maria Gladys. Sounds great!

granddaughter, renowned


4. The beginning!

Mia made her debut in acting in year 2013 with the top rated erotic-drama “Nymphomaniac”. This movie brought her into limelight.

beginning, debut


5. Crime series!

Influenced by her work, Hettie MacDonald along with his team approached her to work in their dream project “The Tunnel”. She played the Sophie Campbell character.

crime, dream


6. Haunted Love!

In year 2014, she worked in the Shia LeBeouf directed in the music album, Haunted Love! This project served to be very fruitful for her career.

haunted, love


7. Perfect Actress

Mia is well known for her acting skills! Besides romantic genre films, she is currently working in horror film “A Cure for Wellness” that is to be released in 2017.

actress, release


8. Marriage!

This 23 year old British model secretly went in relationship with American director, Shia LeBeouf. The couple married on 10th October 2016 after being in relationship for long.

relationship, secret


9. Honeymoon!

This newly wedded couple is all set to enjoy their marriage in Hawaii. They have recently opted for a Hawaii package worth 700 million USD.

honeymoon, marri



Mia Goth has impressed many not only because of her relationship with American director, Shia LeBeouf but also for consistently good performance in acting segment. She has made her steps profound in acting.

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