Before you can start driving your brand new car, they’d ask you to get insurance for it. Auto Insurance is mandatory if you want to drive a vehicle. Lack of it can land you in Jail or you’ll be fined or both. Also, financial loss and legal trouble will be daunting to you, if you meet with an accident. But, for your rescue, there are many Car Insurance Companies.

So, what is Car Insurance?

Just like any motor Insurance, it’s when Insurance Company and the Insured agree on a contract, where the Insurance Company agrees to financially cover the Vehicle, while the Insured agrees to pay premium annually.

It is to reduce the financial burden on the Insured, where they just have to pay an amount annually.

You can even get Vehicle Insurance Quotes online. You can avoid the motor insurance brokers and directly apply for insurance as there are numerous companies that offer their services online. You can get access to auto insurance online rate, which will give you an idea beforehand, if you’re planning to go the Insurance office.

Without further ado, let’s see the 9 Best Websites to get Online Motor Insurance:


1.Policy Bazaar: An online Bazaar for comparing and choosing the best policy.


It provides the option to compare car insurance or different Insurance policies, as that can help you choose the best one suited to your needs.

Cover for car accessories, No claim bonus, and other options come in the policy you take.
They provide you with the best options of Insurance companies to choose from.

Visit their website to start comparing: https://www.policybazaar.com/motor-insurance/
2.Easy Policy: An easy to use website provides you with best Insurance policy options.


Based on the details you give, such as Car make and model and City, they provide the top policies, where you can compare car insurance and maybe even choose cheap car insurance out of those.

For more details, go to: https://www.easypolicy.com/
3.Bank Bazaar: Another amazing alternative to get Insurance online.

There are more services offered by them, than just Insurance policies.
Other than motor Insurances, they offer Life Insurance, Health Insurance, too.
They have a very informative website, with in-depth details, which might be helpful for you.

To check the policies, visit: https://www.bankbazaar.com/insurance.html

4.Bajaj Allianz: A very popularly recognized name, due to their advertising.

Unlike the previous three websites which offer policies comparisons from different Companies, they’re an Insurance Company of their own.

Their Features:
-Cashless settlements at over 4000 garages.
-Easy online purchase process.
-24×7 Spot assistance.
-24×7 Telephonic Services, even on holidays, etc.

Other Services:
-Health Insurance.
-Commercial Insurance.
-Home Insurance.
-Travel Insurance.

You can start applying at: http://general.bajajallianz.com/Corp/motor-insurance/motor-insurance-online.jsp

5.Royal Sundaram: A well reputed Insurance Company.

They are another Insurance Company of their own that provide Auto Insurance.

Services they provide:
-Health insurance.
-Travel Insurance.
-Home Insurance.
-Commercial Vehicle Insurance.

-3300+ Cashless Garages across India.
-Free roadside assistance kit.
-Get a quote within minutes of filling the online forms.
-Free vehicle inspection at your doorstep.

For more details, you can visit their website: https://www.royalsundaram.in/

6.Reliance General Insurance: Insurance Company of a famous Brand.

You already know Reliance. They’re offering many good features, too.
Many insurance companies are here to compete, the more the better. As the customer gets to choose whichever policy they want.

-Free Roadside Assistance.
-Cashless facility at 3800+ garage.
-Renew expired insurance online.

Other Services:
-Home Insurance.
-Travel Insurance.
-Health Insurance.

To know more, you can visit their website by going to: https://www.reliancegeneral.co.in/Insurance/Motor-Insurance/Car-Insurance.aspx

7.TATA AIG Insurance: A joint venture Insurance company between TATA Group and American International Group.

An attractive website with unique way of advertising. Where they’re focusing on smaller details by asking questions like,
“Can your car run without tyres?”
“Does your motor Insurance policy cover car tyres?”
“Can you drive your car without keys?”
“Does your motor Insurance policy cover car keys?”

That’s definitely a unique way of catching a potential customer’s interest.

-Free pick-up in select cities.
-Direct settlement facility in select garages across India.
-7 Day claim settlement, etc.

For detailed information go to: https://www.tataaigmotorinsurance.in/#

8.Oriental Insurance: One of the Government’s Insurance Company.

They’re a Government Company, One of the four subsidiaries of General Insurance Corporation (GIC) of India.

They offer all kinds of Insurances, except Life Insurance (Which is undertaken by LIC).

Few of the Services they offer:
-Shopkeeper Policy.
-Householder Policy.
-Happy Family Floater Policy, etc.

For more information, visit their website: https://orientalinsurance.org.in/web/guest/home?isSelected=home&isRefresh=true

9.United India Insurance Company Ltd.: One of the Government’s Insurance Company.

They’re another one of the four subsidiaries under GIC of India.

They also offer all types of Insurances, except Life Insurance.

Few of the services they offer:
-Travel Insurance.
-Health Insurance, etc.

Visit their website to know more: https://uiic.co.in/home
These are few of the best online car insurance websites that you can get Insurance from.

Please make a note that you have to get Insurance on the same day as you make a purchase of the Automobile, especially before you start driving.

Happy and Safe Driving!