7 Best Indian Destinations for Christmas Celebration


Christmas is a festival celebrated across the world by the Christian Community. The festival is celebrated honoring the birth of Jesus Christ. The last week of December every year is celebrated as Christmas from 25th of December till 31st December. Some people celebrate the festive season with their family and go on a vacation to spend some quality time with the near and dear ones on the festive occasion.

Here is the list of cities in India to celebrate the Christmas :

1. Pondicherry

The city have many churches which celebrates authentic Christmas. The celebrations of the Christmas starts with the city as it lits up. The winter, beaches and serene beauty of the city adds to the Christmas celebrations.



2. Manali

The Christmas of Manali is known as ‘White Christmas’. The winter spreads a white sheet of snow all over the city, celebrating the birth of Christ in its own way.



3. Ranthambore

Some people like to celebrate occasions in different ways. For them, its a great place to celebrate Christmas in this national park all around tigers. Ranthambore National Park have highest number of tigers in India.



4. Shillong

The city has majority of the population as Christians and thus it is rich in the celebrations of the festival. If anyone wants to witness the festival closely one must visit the city during the season.



5. Kolkata

The festival is celebrated for two-weeks along with the Christmas carnival. The city is rich in its food culture, welcomes the visitors to celebrate the festival.



6. Varkala

Varkala is ‘Next Goa’. The city have beaches, amazing architectures, and an exciting nightlife. The Christmas celebrations must be witnessed in the city.



7. Goa

The last one.. But not out of the list. Goa is one of the ‘must visit’ city for the Christmas celebrations. The city is all about the churches.




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